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3rd Spring Training 2010 Autograph TTM Success: Will Clark!!!

3rd Spring Training 2010 Autograph TTM Success: Will Clark!!!

This is the second time I have received Will Clark’s autograph through the mail.  The first time he signed for me was back in April, 2009 – you can read that story here.  I didn’t hold onto the card though; I passed it onto a newbie blogger and big Will Clark fan.  You may know him, here is a link to his blog.

I’m planning on holding onto this one a bit longer this time – after all I am 2/2 from Will ‘The Thrill’ and I have no idea how long my luck with him will last!!!   He returned this card back to me in just 27 days, and he even added his old jersey number, 22, to his signature this time around.

Thank you Mr. Clark!!

Tom Seaver 2003 Fleer Flair Greats ‘Cut Of History’ Game-Used Pants

Tom Seaver 2003 Fleer Flair Greats ‘Cut Of History’ Game-Used Pants

I couldn’t resist this one.  Seaver is one of the most accomplished pitchers in the sport’s amazing history.  If feels great to own a card like this of this legendary Hall of Famer.

Reliatively boring in design, the card is from the 2003 Fleer Flair ‘Cut of History’ set.  It features a swatch from Seaver’s pants during his playing days in Cincinnati, 1977-82. 

And if you look very closely, you can see that there is a loose stitch on this small piece of his pants…

Vintage Griffey – David Letterman’s Top Ten List

Vintage Griffey – David Letterman’s Top Ten List

I found this the other day while surfing around on YouTube. 

A great clip – It’s nice to see that ‘The Kid’ took a few minutes out of his day to get this done for the show.  It’s also nice to see this humorous side of Griffey.  While he is always shown smiling, we don’t get to see much of his personality, but this video shows that he does have a good sense of humor.

I wish more players would open up to things like this!!!

Tim Raines 1984 Fleer

Tim Raines 1984 Fleer

Photographer:  ‘Hey Tim, Right before you step into the cage can you give me a quick pose?’

Raines:  ‘Yep!’

And there you have it.  The background behind this mind-blowing, Earth-shattering baseball card.


1985 Topps Record Breakers – Card #6 – Pete Rose

1985 Topps Record Breakers – Card #6 – Pete Rose

Headline – “Pete Rose Passes Ty Cobb For The Most Singles In History”

The Story – Cincinnati, Ohio, September 30, 1984:  Reds’ Pete Rose continued his assault on the records books this season.  He surpassed Carl Yastrzemski’s record of 3,308 games and finished campaign with 3,082 singles, more one-base hits than anyone in history.  The former mark of 3,052 was set by Hall of Famer Ty Cobb, 1905-1928.

My added notes – Put him in ‘The Hall’ already!!!