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‘On The Road With psugator02’ – March 18, 2010

‘On The Road With psugator02’ – March 18, 2010

Atlanta Braves at St. Louis Cardinals
Roger Dean Stadium
2-4:30 p.m.

Arrived in the top of the 4th and didn’t feel like paying for a ticket. So I wandered over to the Cardinals’ backfields hoping to get Red Schoendienst. Never did see Red but I was able to snag graphs from a few Marlins’ minors, particularly pitchers Todd Doolittle (1/1 card) and Edgar Olmos (7/7 cards). I told Olmos he looked a lot different from his card and he replied, “It’s all that good Mexican food I’m eating.”

Hoped to get a few other minors, but they wouldn’t sign during the game. Walked back to the Cardinals’ parking lot and thought I might wait around to see if any of the players stopped. But once I looked at the horde of people I realized that I was probably wasting my time. That’s when I walked over to the Braves’ bus, which was parked near the Marlins’ clubhouse.

Tim Hudson exited the clubhouse for his car about 15 minutes after I had arrived. He did 1/1 (2008 Ginter). I knew he played baseball at Auburn so I thought I’d tell him about my Gators’ losing this afternoon to BYU. Hudson said he had heard the score but wasn’t a big college basketball fan. A few minutes later Chipper Jones walked out and I was able to get him to do a 1997 Beckett Baseball Card Monthly magazine. He signed it squarely in the middle of the magazine in big, bold, blue Sharpie. I tried to make small talk with him but he didn’t acknowledge me. You’ll find this hard to believe but the last time I got Chipper was 1990, the year he was drafted. I remember that he signed two of his Topps rookie cards.

I had a dinner date with the girlfriend so I couldn’t stay for the Marlins-Mets night game. But I was able to snag 2/2 (8x10s) from Sean West as he was arriving for the game. I also got another graph from Jorge Cantu, who did a 2009 Ginter. Cantu has a habit of having something in one hand, forcing the grapher to hold the card as he signs. Invariably, when Cantu does this the graph comes out horribly.

All in all, decent quality for only 2.5 hours of graphing.

If you’d like to talk to Mark, he can be reached at psugator02@yahoo.com.

Baseball Card Show This Weekend!!

YES!!!  YES!!!  YES!!!

It has been way too long since I last attended a card show.  It has been way too long since I bought a baseball card in person…

Well, that all comes to an end tomorrow as I will be attending my first card show since December of 2009 – almost 4 months ago!!  WHEW!!!

I have missed the last few card shows in Dania due to other family scheduled events.  Held during the first weekend of the month, I had a few months of ‘bad luck’ when it came to my schedule.  And now, out of nowhere, the Coral Square Mall, which is located less than 2 miles from my house, has brought back their Saturday card shows once a month.  And tomorrow is the day!!

The last time I attended a card show at the mall I vowed that it would be my last one.  The dealers were few, and the selection was poor.  I have decided to give it another try – mainly out of desperation!!  I want to smell stacks of cardboard again.  I want to rifle through boxes and boxes of cards in hopes of finding a few gems for my collection.  I want to revisit my youth of having fun at a card show.  Hopefully this one turns out to be better than the last…

I am not going to take a list with me and jinx myself this time.  I am going to simply go and shop for some new cards for my collection.  If I find a few cards that fill needs from the mental list I have, cool.  If not, no big deal – there is always Ebay or SportLots.com.

I am going simply to go and enjoy the experience of buying cards in person.

And on Monday, I plan on sharing my experience and purchases(hopefully there are a few) with you.  Stay tuned.

TTM Success – Kelly Gruber!!

TTM Success – Kelly Gruber!!

In just under 100 days(97 to be exact), Kelly Gruber returned his 1989 Topps card to me with his autograph neatly applied.

I enjoyed watching Gruber play third base back during the 1980’s.  A third baseman myself, Gruber was a great teacher of how to stay in front of the ball.  Of all of the third baseman I watched regularly during my Little League days, I always thought that he was among the best at knocking the ball down and keeping it in front of him – a lesson coaches would drill into my head for years!

A 10-year veteran, Gruber was a 2-time All-star and member of the 1992 World Series Champion Toronto Blue Jays.  During his best season in the majors, 1990, Gruber finished in 4th place for the AL MVP while also winning the Gold Glove and Silver Slugger awards.

Thank you for the great autograph Mr. Gruber!!

Orel Hershiser 1989 Upper Deck

Orel Hershiser 1989 Upper Deck

This is Hershiser’s base card from the Upper Deck premier of 1989.  With their debut set, Upper Deck offered us high quality imagery on high quality cardboard.  And with this card of Orel Hershiser, they did not disappoint!

Coming off of one of the most dominant pitching seasons I have ever witnessed, Orel Hershiser was flying high in 1989.  1988’s NL Cy Young Award winner and World Series MVP, Hershiser could do no wrong.  After his incredible season, Orel became one of the game’s darlings as he was featured in major advertisements and his face was plastered on countless magazine covers.

Couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy!!!

Great card too!!!

Did You Know…

Starting at the age of 36, Braves’ left-hander Warren Spahn led the National League in complete games for a record seven consecutive seasons(157-63).  Spahn led the league outright each of those seasons except for 1960 when he tied with Lew Burdette and Vern Law.  Spahn also led the NL in complete games in 1949 and 1951 and finished second in five other seasons(1947, 1950, 1953, 1954, and 1956).

**factoid courtesy of ‘Big League Trivia’.

My take – Ahhhh, the complete game – an art form that is almost non-existent in toady’s game.  Back during Spahn’s era, it was not odd that a good starter would finish half of the games he played in.