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’30-YOC’ Enters The 21st Century!!!

’30-YOC’ Enters The 21st Century!!!

I don’t own an Ipod, I have CDs.

I don’t have a satellite dish that gives me 400+ television channels, I have basic cable.

I don’t have a laptop, I own a PC.

I don’t TiVo shows, I tape them on a VCR.

You could say that I am behind when it comes to technology, and I wouldn’t argue against that point.

Until now.

I am the proud owner of both a Facebook and a Twitter account.  I’m very ‘Green’ to this, but I thought that adding a few new tools to my repertoire would be a good way to add more readers to the ’30-YOC Nation’.

So come by and check me out when you have time.  You can find a link to both of these newly created accounts near the top of my right sidebar.

Thanks and Enjoy!!!

1975 Topps Cincinnati Reds Teams Set – Card #423 – Clay Kirby

1975 Topps Cincinnati Reds Teams Set – Card #423 – Clay Kirby

Clay Kirby’s major league career spanned 8 seasons, from 1969-76.  He played for the Cincinnati Reds during the 1974 & 1975 seasons.

Kirby appeared in 62 games for Cincy and started 54 of them.  With the team, he went 22-15 while throwing 8 complete games including 1 shutout.  In 341 innings of work with the team, Kirby compiled a 3.74 ERA while giving up 160 runs, striking out 208 batters, and walking another 145.

Clay Kirby did not make the World Series roster in 1975.  He was traded in the offseason prior to the start of the 1976 baseball season. 

Tim Raines 1982 Topps

Tim Raines 1982 Topps

What stadium is that in the background??

Anyway, here is Tim’s base card from the 1982 Topps set.  At this point in his young career, Raines had already established himself as one of the sport’s better runners.  ’82 was his first full season in the big leagues and he amassed an incredible 731 plate appearances.  And amazingly as a 22-year old player, he had the poise of a veteran – with 731 official appearances at the plate over the course of 156 games, Raines struck out just 83 times – Very Solid indeed!!

1982 is also when Tim Raines started to appear one more than 1 card in each set that the companies issued.  A 7-time All-star and  constant league leader in runs scored and stolen bases, Raines went on to make several cameos on cards issued during the 1980’s that honored his way above average skills!!! 

Happy Birthday Shawon Dunston!!!

Shawon Dunston turns 47 years old.

One of the most likeable and recognizable faces in the Cubs’ dugout during the mid-to-late 1980’s. Shawon Dunston was a fan favorite in Chicago.

A highly skilled baseball player, Shawon Dunston enjoyed playing the game each and every day.  With a huge smile as proof, it was very hard to find another player that enjoyed taking the field more than Shawon.  

Whether it was at the plate, with the fans celebrating him with the ‘Shawon-O-Meter’, or in the field when he routinely turned double plays or showed off his cannon of an arm while playing at short, Shawon was electric.

Dunston played 18 years in the majors – for 6 teams.  He is, and will always be a ‘Cubbie’ in my eyes!!! 

Happy Birthday Mr. Dunston!!