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Baseball Card Show Purchase #14 – George Foster Autographed Baseball w/1977 NL MVP Inscription!!!

Baseball Card Show Purchase #14 – George Foster Autographed Baseball w/1977 NL MVP Inscription!!!

Each one of my previous 13 purchases came from one dealer at the show.  And no, I did not really ‘cash out’ thirteen times with him…

My last purchase came from one of the guys that was peddling just autographs.

He had roughly 70-80 official Rawlings game balls signed and a prominent sign that read ‘BASEBALLS $20.00’.  A sign like that is bound to get my attention so I pounced.  There were some great names on display – and some not so great ones too…

And then I started to see some real superstars…

And then I saw this:

And I absolutely had to have it.

I jumped into my wallet, forked over an Andrew Jackson, and took George home with me!

He now sits comfortably in my office alongside his buddies Pete and Tony!!

Baseball Card Show Purchase #13 – Andre Dawson Game-Used Jersey & Bat Card

Baseball Card Show Purchase #13 – Andre Dawson Game-Used Jersey & Bat Card

Ahhh, the final card I picked up at the show – and it is AWESOME!!!

Numbered 16/50, this card comes from the 2004 Donruss Studio ‘Diamond Cuts’ set.

Featuring pieces of game-used jersey and bat used by Andre, this card is a welcomed addition to my ‘Ultimate Dawson’ collection.

Alfredo – I cannot thank you enough for pointing this one out to me!!!

Baseball Card Show Purchase #12 – 1975 Topps Rod Carew

Baseball Card Show Purchase #12 – 1975 Topps Rod Carew

I don’t know why, but it really feels like these 1975 Topps cards are stalking me.  And I am having incredibly good luck in finding them in mint condition – and cheap too!!

I nabbed this ’75 Topps card of Hall of Famer Rod Carew for just $2.00.

During the 1975 baseball season, Carew hit .359 while collecting 192 hits.  He also tallied 24 doubles and 14 home runs.  Carew scored 89 runs, drove in another 80, and struck out just 40 times in 617 plate appearances.  Carew was again an All-star in 1975 while also winning another batting title.  He finished in 9th place in the MVP race as well.

Great picture!!

Baseball Card Show Purchase #11 – Modern-Day McCoveys!!!

Baseball Card Show Purchase #11 – Modern-Day McCoveys!!!

Willie McCovey was a stud during his playing days.  A Rookie of the Year and MVP award winner, McCovey’s dominance lasted throughout his 22-season big league career.

A power hitter, McCovey launched 521 homers during his career.  He eclipsed the 30 home run mark 7 times during his career, while smacking 40 or more twice.

Willie McCovey was a 6-time All-star and was voted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1986.

Each of these cards cost me just a dime.  Of them, my favorite is that Upper Deck Timelines one.  It’s a bad-boy – just like Willie McCovey!!

Baseball Card Show Purchase #10 – Dennis Eckersley Game-Used Jersey Card

Baseball Card Show Purchase #10 – Dennis Eckersley Game-Used Jersey Card

The most dominant closer to ever play the game – not named Rivera??  For me, it is Dennis Eckersely!!!

Starring in an era when stoppers and their roles were not as magnified, Dennis Eckersley was the star of the show.  A fireballer, who debuted in the big leagues as a starting pitcher, ‘Eck’ was the man who closed games for the mighty Oakland A’s during their dominance of the late 1980’s and into the 1990’s.

Boasting a career record of 171-151, Eckersely was a solid and very serviceable starter.  And after he transitioned to the bullpen, he dominated.  Tallying 390 career saves, ‘Eck’ collected 30 or more saves in 8 of the 12 seasons in which he was the team’s closer.  During a 5-year stretch from 1988-1992, Eckersely notched ERA’s of 2.35, 1.56, 0.61, 2.96, and 1.91 respectively.

Dennis Eckersely won the American League Cy Young Award and MVP during the 1992 baseball season.  He was voted into the Hall of Fame in 2004.

And I paid just $2.00 for this card featuring a piece of jersey from his dominant days in Oakland!! 

Baseball Card Show Purchase #9 – Rod Carew Greatness…

Baseball Card Show Purchase #9 – Rod Carew Greatness…

Rod Carew is another player I would love to collect.  And while his rookie cards are well out of my price range, you have to start somewhere…

So I started with the ‘Dime Bin’ to gather a few cards of this Hall of Famer.

In total I scored 13 different cards of Carew, all from the 1980’s.

If I end up selecting him as a future player I would like to honor by collecting all of his cards,  I may have to go backwards.  That rookie will cost more than $200.00 – OUCH!!


Baseball Card Show Purchase #8 – 1973 Topps Joe Morgan

Baseball Card Show Purchase #8 – 1973 Topps Joe Morgan

While I have not declared myself as a ‘Joe Morgan Collector’ just yet, I do see that tagline in my future.

My favorite member of ‘The Big Red Machine’, I find Morgan’s output on the baseball diamond to be heroic!  Always the smallest guy, and playing on a team of dominating talent, Morgan held his own – oftentimes trumping the bigger stars.

Morgan could do it all on the field – hit for average, hit for power, run the bases, draw walks, score runs, steal bases – he had all-around game!!

I love this 1973 Topps card of Morgan – and I love that it cost me just $1.00 even more!! 

Baseball Card Show Purchase #7 – A Plethora Of Paul Molitor!!

Baseball Card Show Purchase #7 – A Plethora Of Paul Molitor!!

While the dealer I spent a majority of my time with, due to his volume of bargain bins, didn’t have everything organized, he tended to only have Hall of Famers and former superstars loaded into his 3,200 count boxes.   The nice thing about that – very few commons!

So, although I saw my share of Niekros, Gossages, and Mattinglys, I also found lots and lots of cards of the guys I collect too.  Spaced sporadically throughout these boxes, you would find 10-30 cards of one player and then it would jump to the next guy, and then the next, and so on.

I found 3 groupings of Paul Molitor cards in his stuff, and I plucked out 17 of them for myself.  9 of these cards fill voids from my Molitor checklist!!!

Baseball Card Show Purchase #6 – Tony Gwynn Game-Used Jersey Card

Baseball Card Show Purchase #6 – Tony Gwynn Game-Used Jersey Card

It’s not often that you get to grab a card of a team’s greatest player of all-time for a low price.  Couple that with the fact that you have a piece of game-used jersey affixed to the card, and it is even more special.

So when I saw this card of Tony Gwynn, Mr. Padre, in the $2 bin, I quickly snatched it up!!  And while the card’s design, and photo choice for Gwynn is not the greatest, having this card in my collection feels great.

One of the premier hitters in all of baseball history, Tony Gwynn personified patience at the plate.  En route to 7 batting titles, Gwynn mastered the art of hitting better than any player during his era. 

This card is numbered 37/100.

Baseball Card Show Purchase #5 – 1972 Topps Jim Palmer & Frank Robinson

Baseball Card Show Purchase #5 – 1972 Topps Jim Palmer & Frank Robinson

This purchase, or one half of it, is an example of why bringing a ‘Needs’ list to a card show is a good idea.

I forgot that I already owned the ’72 Palmer.  Oh well, it’s a sweet card, and for just $1.00, I cannot complain.  Maybe I can use it as trade bait in the future…

Both of these cards came out of the $1 bin.  And they both look awesome, especially next to one another!!

My two favorite Orioles from the 1970s!