Mystery Box Headed Andre Dawson’s Way!!!

Taking a small break from my ‘Inscription Set’, I still have a few items I would like to get signed by ‘The Hawk’.

Since I don’t want to give it away, let’s just say that I sent a ‘mystery’ box out this morning  to Andre Dawson.

I’ve got my fingers crossed that my items are signed quickly so I can show them off!!!

Wish me luck.

4 responses to “Mystery Box Headed Andre Dawson’s Way!!!

  1. Please tell me you didn’t mail yourself to Andre Dawson…


  2. Craig, you have me rolling!

    I hope now that Andre is a HOFamer he will still sign for his fans. This shall be a “true-fan loyalty test!!!”

  3. Hmm… he didn’t respond to that question… maybe he is in the box…


  4. I sent a ROML ball to him on 3/1 and got it back in 11 days. So he is still signing. I included a fee though.

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