Happy Birthday Tom Glavine!!

Tom Glavine turns 44 years old today.

For me, there is only one question left for Tom Glavine to face as he nears the end of his career.  And that question is – What Hall of Fame class does he want to be part of?

Looking back at the players that have retired in the last year, Glavine is one of the most highly decorated and respected of the group.  He seems very likely to be a 1st ballot entrant into the Hall of Fame when he becomes eligible.  Now it is just all about deciding when to hang up his spikes.

Already the owner of 305 victories, 2 Cy Young Awards, 10 All-star team selections, 4 Silver Slugger Awards, and a World Series championship, Glavine had done everything needed to solidify himself as one of his era’s greatest pitching talents. 

Now he just needs to decide if he wants to add HOF 2015 or HOF 2016 to his resume. 

Happy Birthday Mr. Glavine!!

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