Dude, Those ’83s Are Wicked!!! And A Bonus Too!!!

Dude, Those ’83s Are Wicked!!!

Sorry, I couldn’t resist throwing a little 80’s slang into that one…

My buddy Alfredo sent over a nice stack of 1983 Topps cards that suit my collecting style perfectly.

In total, he sent over 7 cards, and each of them is of a player that I have a fondness for.

The first 5…

All Hall of Famers Baby!!!  2 Gary Carters, a Reggie Jackson, a Johnny Bench, and Mr. Frank Robinson!!

And the last 2 also fill voids in 2 of the player collections I am working on…

Perfect additions to my player collections – the 1983 Topps All-star cards of Dale Murphy & Tim Raines.

And if that was not enough, Alfredo also threw in an added bonus.  Kind of like that extra ‘Sham-Wow’ that they give you.  He tossed in a real gem:

Nice, huh??  A 2002 Upper Deck ‘The People’s Choice’ Game-Used jersey card of Mr. Tim Raines!!!  Just look at the smile on Raines’ face – he is so happy to be with me!

I owe you big time for this one buddy!!!

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