I Want To Be A Mark Grace Collector. Really, I Do!!!

I Want To Be A Mark Grace Collector.  Really, I Do!!!

It has been well documented on ’30-YOC’ that I am a Mark Grace fan and loyalist.  Heck, when I first got back into collecting, my first two purchases were bulk lots of his rookie cards that I found on Ebay.

So why not go all out and add him to my list of player collections?  Well, to put it bluntly, I am scared.

Let me explain.

When I first entered the hobby of baseball card collecting as an 8-year old kid, there were 3 major brands of cards being issued.  And by the end of the 1980’s, 3 became 6.  And just a few short years later, 6 turned into too many to count.  In fact, it was the rapid expansion and loss of feeling like a complete collector that drove me away from the hobby in the early 1990’s.

But now I am back, and I am focused.  I try to stick to my guns when it comes to the cards I want to collect.  Chosing to be a player collector and honor the heroes of my youth and the generation prior helps in my efforts as I know and am comfortable with the cards from those times.

And now that leads me to Mark Grace.  I have already collected all of his rookie cards issued by major brands in 1988.  I want more, I want a lot more.  I want to honor him in the same way that I have done for Greg Maddux, and Dave Winfield, and Rickey Henderson.  The only problem is that a majority of Grace’s cards were issued during the 1990’s and that means uncharted waters for me. 

And yes, I have cards of Paul Molitor, and Orel Hershiser, and Tim Raines from that decade, but they are limited – and certainly not a whole decades worth of issues!!

So, what do I do??  Bite the bullet and dive in?  Stay true to my basic rules and avoid the cumbersome number of cards issued during Grace’s career?  What would you do?

Maybe I’ll just buy bulk lots of his cards on Ebay.  That will definitely quench my appetite for some Grace cards.  But will it cure my hunger???

9 responses to “I Want To Be A Mark Grace Collector. Really, I Do!!!

  1. That over saturation of card brands during the 90’s is what drove me away from collecting as well. So when I jumped back in I just stuck with Ryno and Pudge, but I am thinking of adding another player, maybe Stargell or Gruber, not sure yet. Trying to collect every Grace card would be a huge challenge, you could just concentrate on two brands and forget the rest for now, you could always go back and add them in later.

  2. You could set a goal of say 50 or 100 cards including an auto and a couple of relics, then start looking for ones that strike you as nice and go from there.

  3. I’ll have a stack of Graces when I get to trading players who’s last name starts with G. Stay tuned to stats-on-the-back and stake your claim.

  4. He was all the rage back in’89

    Bad News for Ebay Sellers.

    Today was the first day of free postings under 99 cents on ebay (up to 100 a month – up from 5).
    Yesterday there were 207,000 Topps cards listed for sale. Today there is 1.5 Million listings for Topps cards.

  5. Hey Brian,

    I have a whole lot of 90s cards of Mark Grace you can have, if you are serious about adding him to your player collection. Save you $$$ on eBay. Let me know and they can be on their way to you.

  6. I’d advise taking a smaller jumps to begin with. You could try for one each of his base Topps cards first to get a sample of his entire career. Then expand to base cards from the other major brands. Or just collect autograph cards or jersey cards. While the explosion of cards in the 90’s was a headache in many ways, it also opened up a lot of new ways to collect. Don’t kid yourself that you can get one of every Grace card. Heaven knows I’ve tried and it’s impossible. So think of a way to narrow your focus and you’ll be a lot happier and your wallet will thank you. And if you have any questions on Mark Grace collectibles, let me or my website help you out. http://www.markgrace.com (check out the Virtual Mark Grace Museum for card samples). Good luck!

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