Orel Hershiser 1989 Score

Orel Hershiser 1989 Score

One of the things I recall most about Orel Hershiser and watching him on the mound is that he always left me with the feeling that he gave it his all each and every time he performed.  And several of his baseball cards capture that feeling; especially his 1989 Score card.

See what I mean??  You can feel the intensity that Orel brought to the game just by looking at his face.  Full of focus, full of energy, and full of power, Orel Hershiser meant business.

And while I wasn’t a huge Dodgers fan while growing up, I was immediately drawn to their young, and supremely talented pitcher nicknamed ‘ The Bulldog’ for these very reasons.

A great addition to my growing collection that pays tribute to his wonderfully successful career!!

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