Throwing A Baseball In Paul Molitor’s Direction!!

Throwing A Baseball In Paul Molitor’s Direction!!

A favorite from my youth, I would love to add an autographed baseball of Paul Molitor to my collection.  A truly well-rounded and gifted player, I find him to be one of the most underrated players from his era.  A great contact hitter, excellent base runner, and sharp defender, there were not too many players from the 1980’s that were as steady as him.

I waited until I became an official Paul Molitor collector before I went after getting Mr. Molitor to sign a baseball for me.  And I could have tried to send this to Spring Training, but from my past experience and others that I have read about online, I felt more comfortable waiting until the regular season to send a ball his way.

So, off it goes.  Headed to Minnesota and their new stadium.


Hopefully the mail carrier knows how to get there!!!

Wish me luck!!

3 responses to “Throwing A Baseball In Paul Molitor’s Direction!!

  1. I love me the Paulie M too. Being a Brewers fan I have too. He did help take the Brew Crew to their only World Series appearance and finally got his World Series ring with the Blue Jays. He was part of the 1982 Murder’s Row Brewers line-up and along with Robin Yount one of the most recongnizable names in Brewers history,as short as that is. Plus he’s a member of the 3000 hits club and made it intothe HOF in his first year of eligiblity. I would say thee hell yeah an autograph ball from Molitor would be an awesome addition to any collection.

  2. Good luck with the Molitor ttm. I would like to try him one day also.

  3. I forget… who won the 82 WS?

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