The 2010 Hall Of Fame Class Gets Sweeter!!!

The 2010 Hall Of Fame Class Gets Sweeter!!!

As all of you know, Andre Dawson is my favorite baseball player of all-time.  My enjoyment of watching ‘The Hawk’ during his playing days has filled my brain with incredible memories.  And now I choose to honor him by collecting his baseball cards and autographs.

His induction into the National Baseball Hall of Fame is long overdue.  And I look forward to watching it and I have already started to countdown the days until his election becomes a reality.  I’m serious, 112 days…

And then today, I got more great news.  Both Karl Malone and Scottie Pippen have been elected as inductees into the Basketball Hall of Fame.  Both superstars during my youth, and into my twenties, Karl Malone is absolutely my favorite basketball player of all-time.  And Scottie Pippen is in the Top 10(probably closer to Top 6).  One of these days I will have to share my Karl Malone stories and collection with you all.  Trust me when I say that have been a loyal Karl Malone fan for the better part of my life.

So the weeks between Dawson’s induction and then Malone and Pippen’s induction will be incredible for this fan.  And although I will always keep ’30-YOC’ as a baseball and baseball card related blog, please excuse me if I pepper it with a little hoops talk during that time.

Congratulations to both Karl Malone and Scottie Pippen – Well deserved!!!

4 responses to “The 2010 Hall Of Fame Class Gets Sweeter!!!

  1. The Dawson induction’s going to be great. The wife and I are going. And I’ll be wearing the Dawson jersey all the way. Oh, and my Cubs hat, just like Dawson should be wearing on his plaque.

  2. Mailman is a punk. cheap-shotted Isiah in the face for no good reason. I am glad Chauncey saw to it that ass didn’t gravy train a ring with the Lakers.

  3. I remember watching that game… Malone came down cracking Isiah above the eye. Isiah still has a nice scar as a reminder. I also believe Karl was sending a personal message to Thomas that had to do w/ something other than basketball…. Brian you might know what I’m talking about. He later sent a similar message to Magic Johnson in a verbal statement. Congrats to both Malone & Pippen… Im a loyal fan of both players.

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