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30-Year Old Cardboard Presents: ‘That 70′s Show’

30-Year Old Cardboard Presents: ‘The 70’s Show’

I admit it – I have never seen a single episode of ‘That 70’s Show’.  I know the basic gist of the show, and to be honest, ever since I got back into collecting I thought that the show’s title would be a great blog title as well.  And while I have no intention of re-naming the world-famous ’30-YOC’ I think that this lot of cards you are about to see would have been a hit on ‘That 70’s Show’.

I picked up all of these cards from an Ebay seller that was moving hundreds of cards, all at the same time.  I think I bid on +/- 35 cards that night, and now the 18 that I won have arrived.

And here they are, sorted by year of issue:

1976 Topps – Dave Concepcion, Gary Carter, Ken Griffey

1977 – Mike Schmidt, Joe Morgan, Gary Carter, Ken Griffey, George Foster, Dave Concepcion

1978 – Sparky Anderson, Rollie Fingers, Willie McCovey, George Foster

1979 – Dennis Eckersley, Dale Murphy, George Foster, Gary Carter, Dave Concepcion

Overall, I am thrilled with what I won.  And while I have mixed emotions about the sellers that have multiple listings ending at the same time, when this stack of cards is what I get for my troubles, it is all worth it.

In total, I got 18 cards.  I picked up a goods stack of cards honoring some of the ‘Big Red Machine’s’ finest players.  And the Hall of Famers and MVP’s I nabbed are awesome additions to my collection. 

Do I wish that I won a few more of the ones I missed out on?  Absolutely.  But the chase is also part of the fun!!!

TTM Success: 2000 National League MVP Jeff Kent

TTM Success: 2000 National League MVP Jeff Kent

Towards the end of last year, I had seen that Jeff Kent was signing cards again through the mail.  And since I didn’t own any Kent cards at the time, I threw a few into my shopping cart during a purchase with www.sportlots.com

And off it went…

And now it is back, 113 days later.  Taking longer to get back than the returns that I had been seeing, I began to think that Kent stopped signing.  And then just last week, returns started to pop up on the autograph websites that I read.  And then mine came back!!

Jeff Kent may go dow nas one of the most talented offensive second basemen in baseball history.  And his 2000 MVP season was sensational.  During that year, Kent hit .334 as he collected 196 hits.  He crushed 33 homers, drove in 125 runs, and scored 114 times.  He was a member of the All-star team that year and won the first of his four Silver Slugger trophies too.

Thank you Mr. Kent!!!

Orel Hershiser 1987 Donruss – ‘Opening Day’

Orel Hershiser 1987 Donruss – ‘Opening Day’

The ‘Opening Day’ sets that were issued in the late 1980’s were a nice little distraction.  Once the base sets were built, it gave the set building collectors a nice project to work on.

I specifically remember building each team set from this 1987 Donruss issue.  And while the ’87 Donruss design is not going to win any major awards, the new Maroon border color was a different look.

Maroon – so NOT a baseball color!!!

Anyways, scratch another ‘need’ off of my Hershiser want list with this addition!!

Did You Know…

Fred McGriff is the only player to have two 100-RBI seasons while splitting time between two big league clubs.  McGriff drove in 101 runs in 1993 while playing for San Diego(46 RBI) and Atlanta(55) and split his 102 RBI in 2001 between Tampa Bay(61) and the Chicago Cubs(41). 

**factoid courtesy of ‘Big League Trivia’

My Take – There is something to be said for a player that can adjust that quickly and remain at the top of his game in each new environment that he encounters.  McGriff was a true professional!!