Dale Murphy 1984 Fleer

Dale Murphy 1984 Fleer

Finally, a great looking action shot of Dale Murphy – YES!!!!

After buying and buying and buying cards of the 2-time MVP, I finally found one that captures him in a way that I remember him.  And since my player collection is set up to honor his playing days with the Braves that made me a big fan of his, I am thrilled to add this card to my collection.

Getting to this point was hard.  I had to sift through a big stack of posed-photo cards to get here.  But now that I am here, I am very proud to add this card to my Murphy set!!!

In 1984, Dale Murphy was coming off of back-to-back MVP campaigns.  One of the sport’s biggest starts, Murphy was still relatively unseen due to his quiet demeanor and team’s losing ways.  Lucky for me, we had WTBS at home.  I watched a ton of Braves games as a kid, and I hold several of the players from those early 80’s rosters responsible for the reason that I fell in love with the sport.

What a great card, huh??

One response to “Dale Murphy 1984 Fleer

  1. Just looking at that card takes me back…I can just hear Skip Carey and Pete Van Wieren talking about Bob Horner’s latest strikeout during Dale Murphy’s at bat…

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