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1977 Topps Jim Palmer

1977 Topps Jim Palmer

This card is a little dark huh??  I guess that is due to the dark outfield wall and Orange jersey that Palmer donned on this day.  Nonetheless, I am very excited to grab another card for my Jim Palmer collection!!

In 1977 Jim Palmer finished in 2nd place for the AL Cy Young award.  Consistently at the top of his game, Palmer had already won the award three times over the last four seasons.  He  had certainly staked his claim as one of the finest pitchers during the 1970’s.

On the year, Palmer went 20-11 while hurling 319 innings.  In 39 starts, he completed 22 games and compiled a very low ERA of 2.91.  Palmer struck out 193 batters that season while walking 99.  He played in his fifth All-star game that year and won his second Gold Glove award too.  His second place finish for the AL Cy Young award came behind the Yankees’ Sparkly Lyle who narrowly won the award.

‘Cakes’ had quite a year in 1977!!! 

8th Spring Training TTM Return – Chris Volstad!!

8th Spring Training TTM Return – Chris Volstad!!

Florida Marlins starting pitcher Chris Volstad took just 41 days to return this card to me.  He added his signature in a Blue Sharpie and the color looks great on this 2009 Topps card.

I like Volstad.  He appears to have all of the tools, and his size(6′, 8″) should be a benefit when on the mound.  This is his third year with the Marlins, and I am hoping that he can put a strong enough string of starts together to maintain a spot in their pitching rotation.  The last two years have been rough at times, but the 23-year old has shown that he can be dominant.  He has fast and powerful stuff, and for a young pitcher, his control is good.  If I had one complaint, it would be that he allows for a lot of balls to be put into play – and that is not always a good thing.  If he can raise the level of his game, and understand the intricacies of pitching at the major league level, I think he has the potential to be a solid #2 or #3 starter in the league.

I know that I am cheering for him!!! 

Thanks for the autograph, Chris.  Go FISH!!!

1981 Topps All-Star Paul Molitor

1981 Topps All-Star Paul Molitor

Paul Molitor was a 7-time All-star.  His first time making the squad was in 1980, and this 1981 Topps card pays tribute to that selection.

So, how did he make that 1980 team?  What did he do to earn a roster spot, you ask?  Well, I’ll tell ya!!

Paul Molitor appeared in just 111 games during the 1980 baseball season.  But in that time, he was sensational!!  Hitting .304, Molitor collected 137 hits in 450 at-bats.  He also stole 34 bases en route to scoring 81 runs.   In 512 total plate appearance, Molitor struck out 48 times and walked 48 times which aided in his .372 on-base percentage.

Congratulations on your first All-star selection Mr. Molitor!! 

Did You Know…

New York Yankees’ great Whitey Ford finished with a career record of 236-106.  In his last two seasons of 1966 and 1967, Ford had a combined record of 4-9, which lowered his career winning percentage from .705 to .690 and kept him from being the only pitcher with 200 wins and a winning percentage greater than .700.

**factoid courtesy of ‘Big League Trivia’

My take – Still an amazing record, but how cool would 70% or better be???

1985 Topps Record Breakers – Card #10 – Don Sutton

1985 Topps Record Breakers – Card #10 – Don Sutton

Headline – ‘Sutton’s 19th Straight Year Of 100-Or-More Whiffs Sets Record’

The Story – Kansas City, Missouri, August 8, 1984:  Brewers’ right-hander Don Sutton has topped 100 strikeouts for the 19th consecutive season, a new major league record.  The former mark of 18 seasons was set by Hall of Famer Walter Johnson, 1908 thru 1926(except 1920) and tied earlier this year by Steve Carlton, 1967-1984.

My added notes – Nolan Ryan eventually surpassed Sutton and is now the record holder with 24 consecutive seasons of at least 100 strikeouts.  Big surprise, huh??