Tim Raines 1987 Donruss

Tim Raines 1987 Donruss

Wow, the photographer zoomed ‘Way-In’ for this shot, huh??

But that is ok, because we all love Tim Raines!  I just prefer his uniform to be dirtier, that’s all.

Raines had a solid campaign in during the 1987 baseball season.  Making his seventh and final All-star team, he was still at the top of his game.  Hitting .330 with 175 hits to his credit, Raines continued to dominate for the Expos at the lead-off spot.  He also stole another 50 bases while scoring 123 runs – exactly what you want to see from your lead-off hitter.  In 627 plate appearances, Raines struck out just 52 times while drawing 90 walks – giving him an exceptional .429 on-base percentage!!!

Another card added to my collection honoring one of my favorite lead-off hitters of all-time!!!

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