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30-Year Old Cardborad Is NOW HIRING!!!!

30-Year Old Cardboard Is NOW HIRING!!!!

That’s right, the official ’30-Year Old Cardboard’ job fair has begun.  We are currently taking all applications from anyone that wants to contribute content to the site.

In my never-ending quest to add more baseball and baseball card related content to ’30-YOC’ I have begun to realize that I cannot do it on my own.  So now I will open that up opportunity to anyone that may wish to join me on this venture.


If you’re  a team devotee, or maybe you’re loyal to a certain player.  Maybe you have a love for the history of the game and want to share that with others.  ’30-YOC’ may be for you….


Maybe you love to rip through packs of cards and want to share the results.  Maybe you are  a player collector looking to find others that share your specific interests.  ’30-YOC’ may be for you….


Maybe you’ve been reading the blogs for a while now and have wanted to jump in and try one yourself.  Maybe you’re a current blogger that doesn’t have the time to maintain your own personal blog.  Maybe you run your own blog now but want to increase your audience size.  ’30-YOC’ may be for you….

Whatever it is that you’re into, as long as major league baseball is the primary focus, teaming up with ’30-YOC’ is the logical choice.  We offer incredible visibility – with an average of more than 300 hits per day and 10,000 unique visitors a month.  This translates into your stories being seen and read by the wonderful followers of this blog.  You’ll also be able to take advantage of the blog’s newly created Facebook and Twitter accounts which simply means more readers for you.

So come on.  What are you waiting for??  Hop on the ’30-YOC’ train and take a seat!! 

If you’re interested in teaming up and providing new content to the loyal ’30-YOC’ readers, contact me through this post and we’ll get going.