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Joe Carter 2002 Fleer Fall Classic ‘Series Of Champions’ Game-Used Bat Card

Joe Carter 2002 Fleer Fall Classic ‘Series Of Champions’ Game-Used Bat Card

I recently picked up a bunch of game-used relic cards from a seller on Ebay.  His stuff was priced to sell, and I got some great deals.  In total, I nabbed 9 cards.  A few are going to be used as trade bait, and the remainder will stay home with me in my collection.

One of the cards I am holding onto(for now), is this 2002 Fleer Joe Carter game-used bat card.

Featuring a piece of a bat used by Mr. Carter during his career, I felt since he owned one of the greatest baseball home runs I have ever seen in my life, it was only right to own a piece of memorabilia of his. 

And although this card is not directly linked to that home run that ended the World Series, it certainly does remind me of  that incredible night!!!


Does Carlos Zambrano’s Demotion To The Bullpen Help My Fantasy Team???

Does Carlos Zambrano’s Demotion To The Bullpen Help My Fantasy Team???

Yes, I believe it does!!!

While I don’t classify myself as a ‘Fantasy Geek’, I do enjoy the game and have been playing for the last 10 years or so.  My preferred method is the rotiserrie style, and this year I joined a Yahoo League that was being hosted by ‘Andre Dawson For The Hall of Fame’ creator, Charley.

When selecting a team, I usually try to stock up on starting pitchers.  This year was no different as my starters include:  Roy Halladay, Josh Johnson, Johan Santana, Josh Beckett, Mark Buehrle, JA Happ, and the newly demoted Carlos Zambrano.  Pretty stacked, right??  You have probably guessed that I am doing pretty well in the pitching categories with this line-up of hurlers.  And you’re right.  Going into today, I am in first place!!

But what do I do with Zambrano?  Based on his new role, he should become eligible to be used as both a starter and a reliever.  I am seeing him dropped in leagues across Yahoo Sports at a faster rate than a player who gets put on the DL.

I know what I want to do, but I was wondering what you thought….

My gut tells me to keep him and use him as a reserve.  He’ll get me some decent K’s, but I may have to deal with his high ERA too.  But it is not very often that you can have a reliever that may be able to get you 12-15 wins too…

Give me your opinion.  Keep him or dump him.

1975 Topps Cincinnati Reds Teams Set – Card #615 – Pat Darcy

1975 Topps Cincinnati Reds Teams Set – Card #615 – Pat Darcy

Darcy’s brief 3-year career was spent with one of the biggest dynasties in baseball’s incredible history.  On the right team, at the right time, Darcy found himself partnered up with ‘The Big Red Machine’ during their prime.

Used primarily as a starting pitcher, Darcy started 28 games for the Reds.  He compiled a 14-8 record for the team while also collecting 3 saves.  In 186 innings of work, Darcy allowed 192 hits and 88 runs to score.  In total he struck out just 75 batters while walking 89.

Pat Darcy was a member of the 1975 World Series winning Reds.  In that match-up, he made 2 appearances – as a pinch hitter!!

Progress 26/34

Paul Molitor 1991 Fleer

Paul Molitor 1991 Fleer

Call me crazy, but I have always liked the 1991 Fleer baseball card design.

Outrageously loud in color and relatively simple in design, I like the overall look of the card.  With strong, Black lettering on that bold Yellow, the cards are vivid and lively.

And for those teams that sport Yellow in their colors, like Milwaukee, the cards get an added element of greatness as they blend well.

1991 Fleer – a perfect addition to my Paul Molitor player collection!!!

Happy Birthday Chipper Jones!!!

Chipper Jones turns 38 years old today.

It’s hard to believe that we’ve been able to enjoy watching Larry ‘Chipper’ Jones play for close to 2 decades.  I remember getting his rookie cards in packs when I collected cards as a kid and being thrilled to pull the brightest star in the set.

17 years later, Chipper has been nothing short of spectacular.  His offensive dominance has been as consistent as any player in the game.  And his skills seem to sharpen season after season as he becomes a better hitter, a more powerful hitter, and a more disciplined hitter.

Chipper is on pace to join some relatively elite baseball groups if he can maintain his offensive output for a few more seasons.  He will easily eclipse the 2,500 hits plateau this year – 3,000 is still within reach.  And he needs roughly 80 home runs to join the ‘500 HR Club’.  Both goals are obtainable, we’ll just have to see how much longer Chipper wants to play the game that he has dominated for 17 years.

Happy Birthday Chipper!!!