Contest Players And Their Picks…

Thanks to everyone that made picks in my contest. 

Here are the players and the total number of runs that they predicted for the upcoming Braves/Cardinals series that begins on Monday:

Player # of Runs
rod 10
eli 17
daniel  18
wickedortega 19
brent 20
wax wombat 21
dan 22
steve 23
olivia 24
matt a 25
don sherman 26
geard 27
zman40 28
ken klaus 29
night owl 30
craig 31
drew 32
scott mccloy 33
hackenbush 34
longflyballtobeacuse 35
unclemoe 36
charley 37
david 38
singledaddyof2 39
play at the plate 42
dion 44
sewingmachineguy 45


And don’t forget that we have 2 boxes of 2007 TriStar ‘Prospects Plus’ up for grabs!!

A special thanks goes out to Atlanta Sports Cards for sponsoring this contest on ’30-YOC’.

Atlanta Sports Cards Home Page

One response to “Contest Players And Their Picks…

  1. Dear Cardinals & Braves,

    It would be great if you scored a combined total of 14 runs tomorrow.



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