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Andre Dawson 2005 Upper Deck Legendary Lineage

Andre Dawson 2005 Upper Deck Legendary Lineage

A beautiful combination of vintage design with the modern qualities of high-end cardboard, I love this 2005 Upper Deck ‘Legendary Lineage’ issue.

Loaded with excellent and prominent colors, the card is a throwback to some of the cards from the 1950’s and 1960’s that featured large portraits with faded imagery in the background.

This card is serial numbered 334/399, and I am very proud to be the new owner of one of them!!!

Tim Raines 1990 Bowman

Tim Raines 1990 Bowman

Question:  How bad can it get????

Answer:  1990 Bowman is pretty bad!!!

1975 Topps Cincinnati Reds Teams Set – Card #621 – Rawly Eastwick

1975 Topps Cincinnati Reds Teams Set – Card #621 – Rawly Eastwick

Eastwick’s big league career spanned 8 seasons and 6 teams.  Playing for some of the sport’s greatest franchises during that time, Eastwick found himself as part of one of the most celebrated dynasties in all of baseball history during his first few years in the league – Cincinnati’s “Big Red Machine”.

In four seasons with the Reds, Eastwick compiled a 18-10 record alongside a very solid 2.40 ERA.

A relief pitcher, Eastwick was a key part of the Reds’ bullpen success during their push towards their 1975 World Series victory.  He appeared in 5 games during that match-up with the Red Sox, earning 2 victories, while compiling a 2.25 ERA over 8 innings of work.  While on the roster with the Reds when they defended their championship in 1976, Eastwick did not appear in the 1976 Fall Classic.

Progress 28/34

Happy Anniversary Rickey Henderson!!!

Happy Anniversary Rickey Henderson!!!

On this day in 1991 Rickey Henderson became the All-time leader in stolen bases.  As Rickey passed Lou Brock with steal #939 of his career, it was obvious to all watching live and on television that this was a baseball record for the ages.

Henderson’s talent is very rare as his body, specifically his legs, was able to withstand the punishment it takes to steal 939 bases.  Amazingly enough, Henderson was not even close to being done with running.  By the end of his 25-season major league career Henderson would finish with 1,406 stolen bases.

Personally, of all of the records in baseball today I think this one is the safest of them all.  Home runs records will be broken.  Hit streaks may not last.  But this record is truly amazing.  Players that steal 60-70 bases a year would have to have that kind of success for 20 straight years to challenge Rickey’s record.  If you look at the great base stealers in the game today, each of them hits a pinnacle and then a sharp and rapid decline.  This record is safe, and will not be challenged ever!!!

Congratulations Rickey.  Truly an original, and truly a baseball legend!!!