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The Newest Addition To My Andre Dawson Autographed Memorabilia Collection!!!

The Newest Addition To My Andre Dawson Autographed Memorabilia Collection!!!

I had wanted one of these for quite some time.  Always concerned about shipping one and then how to store it, I procrastinated for a long time before I finally gave in to my desires.

When my family and I took a quick trip to Disney World a few weeks ago I made my first move by buying it.  And when we got home, I sent it out.  And now it is back.  And it looks GREAT!!!!

What is it, you ask?

Why, it is this:

Kind of far away, but cool, huh?  Here is a more zoomed-in look:

I am thrilled to have an Andre Dawson signed mini-bat in my collection.  One day, a full-sized bat will join us too.

For now, I have no idea where I am going to keep this little guy.  But I do know that it looks great.  And that Silver Sharpie really POPS off the barrel too!!!

Dale Murphy 1989 Bowman

Dale Murphy 1989 Bowman

There is not much to complain about when looking at this card of Braves’ slugger,and 2-time league MVP, Mr. Dale Murphy!!

The card, from Bowman’s second go-round in the hobby, was issued in 1989.  And I have to say that of the very limited number of ‘action’ cards issued of Murphy during his playing days, this one ranks pretty high on my list.  We finally get a full-body action shot – versus the posed portrait styles that we were force-fed by the other card companies during the 1980’s.

1989 was Murphy’s last full season with the Braves.  And while he was still able to put up solid power numbers, hitting 20 homers and collecting 84 RBI, his batting average had dropped to a below-par .228.

Soon it was off to Philly and then Colorado and ultimately retirement in 1993.

Did You Know…

Cesar Geronimo was the 3,000th strikeout victim of both Bob Gibson and Nolan Ryan.  On July 17, 1974, Gibson fanned Geronimo in the second inning at Busch Stadium to become the only pitcher other than Walter Johnson to register 3,000 Ks.  Ryan became the 4th pitcher with 3,000 Ks when he struck out Geronimo to lead off the second inning on July 14, 1980 at Riverfront Stadium.

factoid courtesy of ‘Big League Trivia’

My take – Some luck, huh??  I don’t know if I should classify this in my brain as Cesar Geronimo trivia or Bob Gibson/Nolan Ryan trivia…

Jim Palmer 2009 Topps ‘Historical Commemorative Patch’ Card

Jim Palmer 2009 Topps ‘Historical Commemorative Patch’ Card

I know, I know, it is not a real game-used patch. 

And to be prefectly honest with you, I am fine with that!!!

I like tribute-type stuff.  And this is right up my alley.

This card honors Jim Palmer and his team’s achievement of winning the 1966 World Series.  Palmer, a rookie in 1966, was a key part of the team’s success and had a solid outing throughout the playoffs to help the Orioles win the World Series championship.

And as you all know, I am a sucker for vintage looks on modern cards.  This card does all of that, very well.  Starting with the great action photo of ‘Cakes’ in his wind-up, and going straight to that old O’s logo that I loved as a kid.

I am thrilled to have this card in my collection!!!