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Coming Soon: Gary Carter Signing!!!

Coming Soon: Gary Carter Signing!!!

While cruising through the mall this past weekend with the family, I noticed that a new sports and entertainment memorabilia shop opened up in one of the many vacated stores.  Passing by and not really stopping to take a peek, I am really happy that when we passed again on our way to the car that I stopped to take a closer look.

The store is holding an autograph signing with Hall of Famer Gary Carter on the 15th of the month!!!

The sign got my attention, and I quickly entered to the get the details.  Mr. Carter will be there for 90 minutes, and I will be there too to add another Hall of Fame baseball to my collection – I can’t wait!!!

It’s kind of funny, because I was strongly considering sending to him for a TTM autograph because I know he signs through his foundation for a donation.  But for the same price, I would absolutely love to get an autograph in person. 

So that is what I will do – and it’s less than two weeks away.  Maybe I’ll even get the chance to sneak in a photo-op too….

Mr. Carter, you and I have a date on the 15th!  See you then.

Gerad Sends Over Another Autograph – This Time It’s An Andre Dawson!!!

Gerad Sends Over Another Autograph – This Time It’s An Andre Dawson!!!

I have mentioned several times on this blog that one of the first readers and loyal visitors to the site is a reader by the name of Gerad.  A Cardinals fan, with a similar passion for the stars of the 1970’s and 1980’s, Gerad and I have traded countless stories, baseball cards, and autographs over the last 20 months.

So, when I got these Terry Pendleton cards back from a TTM request, I immediately put one aside for him.  And in his ‘Thank You’ email to me, he said that a surprise would be headed my way shortly.

And today, it arrived:

Sweet, huh?  A 1983 Fleer baseball card signed by ‘The Hawk’.  I didn’t have this card signed, and I am thrilled to add it to my collection honoring my favorite player of all-time!!!

I guess in this situation, we traded MVP for MVP!!!!

What a great looking and bold signature provided by ‘The Hawk’, huh???

Thanks Gerad.

Darryl Strawberry 1989 Fleer All-Star Team

Darryl Strawberry 1989 Fleer All-Star Team

One of my favorite subsets honoring the All-stars during the 1980’s was this one issued by Fleer in 1989.

Somewhat limited(not every player got a card), it was nice to see that Fleer chose Darryl as one of the players honored in this set.

And while you normally wouldn’t classify Green as a color that works well with the team colors of the New York Mets, the shading and fading of the Green that Fleer used for this card’s design works extremely well.

With the small cameo of a smiling Darryl on the bottom-right of the card, this card has a similar feel of the 1983 Topps base set – a ’30-YOC’ favorite!!!

Well, well, well… Look At Who Has The Best Record In Baseball…

Well, well, well…  Look At Who Has The Best Record In Baseball…

It’s not the New York Yankees…

Or the Philadelphia Phillies.

It’s not the St. Louis Cardinals….

And it’s definitely not the Boston Red Sox.

It is however, the Tampa Bay Rays.  And through the first month of the 2010 baseball season, they are the only team winning at greater than a 70% clip.  Sitting in 1st place in the AL East with a 18-7 record, the Rays are one of the hottest teams in baseball.  And again, they are proving that talent trumps money spent, and I enjoy that about their team.

With a roster that is full of multi-skilled players, the Rays play with a high amount of confidence and no longer look like the lowly cellar dwellers that they were during the early part of the decade.  The team is a great mix of speed, power, and contact hitting – and that is even with some of their better hitters slumping early in the season.  Their confidence is solid, and once all of their players are clicking on all cylinders, they should become even more successful.

While I am a Marlins fan first and foremost, I watch a lot of Rays games as well.  My cable company(yes, cable) carries two Florida sports channels so I get to see a ton of games from both teams.  Thank goodness for picture-in-picture viewing!!!  And while just 3-4 years ago, I was tuning into the Rays to see their opposition play, times have clearly changed.  Evan Longoria is extremely fun to watch.  Carl Crawford and BJ Upton are dynamic on both offense and defense.  Matt Garza is great on the mound.  And so on and so on…

Congratulations to the Rays on an incredible start to their 2010 season!!!

1980 Headline: McCovey Homers For The Last Time!!!

1980 Headline:  McCovey Homers For The Last Time!!!

On this day in 1980, slugger Willie McCovey hit the final home run of his amazing career.  Spanning 22 years, McCovey blasted 521 round-trippers during his playing days.  His 521 ranks on the all-time list at 18th place in major league history.

The shot, a blast off of Expos’ hurler Scott Sanderson, came in the 4th inning of the ballgame and was the difference in the Giant’s 3-2 win that day.

Happy Anniversary Mr. McCovey!!

1981 Topps ‘Record Breakers’ – Card #202 – Steve Carlton

1981 Topps ‘Record Breakers’ – Card #202 – Steve Carlton

“Carlton Sets Strikeout Mark For Lefties”

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, October, 5, 1980.  Phillie’s southpaw Steve Carlton has completed the 1980 campaign as the all-time ‘Strikeout King’ among lefties.  Steve led the National League with 286 strikeouts in 1980 giving him a lifetime total of 2,969 whiffs.  The former major league record for southpaws was 2,832 strikeouts by Mickey Lolich from 1963 through 1979.