Tim Raines 1982 Fleer

Tim Raines 1982 Fleer

Fleer did so many innovative things with their 1982 design.  Being the leaders of technology and graphic design, they gave us unique and original content with every card that they issued…

From special prints, to limited edition runs, to highly sought after 1:1 issues, Fleer was the leader of the industry!!!

I wonder how they snuck in this crappy card of Tim Raines that year…  Somebody was sleeping on the job, huh???    🙂

One response to “Tim Raines 1982 Fleer

  1. They were WAY ahead of their times with the special photographic effects…like how every single image was just slightly out of focus. Or maybe there weren’t intending to be that artsy and just used a really bad camera.

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