Paul Molitor 1984 Donruss

Paul Molitor 1984 Donruss

Oh, yeah.  Catch the wave with the 1984 Donruss set!

This card of Molitor is a nice one.  The picture was taken at Fenway Park, and you can see the Green wall behind him that separates the fans from the field. 

While pictures of a player’s follow-through of his swing is not an uncommon image on a baseball card, it is for Molitor.  Primarily known as a contact hitter who had 3,319 career hits, Molitor was not known for launching baseballs into the outfield seats.  In fact, of his 3,319 hits, he collected 605 doubles and an amazing 2,366 singles.

A great addition to my Paul Molitor player collection!

One response to “Paul Molitor 1984 Donruss

  1. 84 Donruss rock… I bought the complete set just b/c I liked the look of the cards so much.

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