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‘The Wicked One’ Sends Over Cards For 13 Different Players That I Collect!!!

‘The Wicked One’ Sends Over Cards For 13 Different Players That I Collect!!!

As if there was any question who the best trader in our baseball card community was…

We all know that Alfredo is the ‘KING’ when it comes to trading cards.  And the 2009 ‘Trader Of The Year’ continues his magical ways in 2010.

Just look at what I recently found in my mailbox:

Yep, he did it again.

Another handful of glorious cardboard from one collector to another.  In this stuffed package were Dawsons, Fergies, Winfields, Graces, Hendersons, Williams’, Banks’, Carters, Perezs, Morgans, Strawberrys, Raines, and Hershisers.

Thanks again Alfredo.  See you next weekend!!!

Man Crush, Alexander Hamilton.

Written by Nick, author of the blog For Cards Sake.  Nick is also hosting a ‘Rookie Card Challenge’ that everyone should enjoy joining – Check it out here. 

Man Crush, Alexander Hamilton. 

Is it wrong to have a man crush on a historical figure?  I mean, there are very good reasons why I love this guy.  He was arguably the most important man in American history.  His economic philosophies would be touchstones of the modern American capitalistic economy.  His articles and essays in the Federalist Papers would serve as the blueprint for the country’s government.  His duel with the dastardly Aaron Burr would become legendary.  If you haven’t guessed who it is already, then perhaps you should stop reading.  I have a man crush on Alexander Hamilton.  Yes, I said it.  I will scream it off of my rooftop till my face turns blue.  I love Alexander Hamilton!   

Yes, I do have a problem.   

That should not hinder the fact that Hamilton was an essential component to the foundation of America.  To be frank, the man was a genius.  His financial plan is still praised by modern economists and his key work in the U.S. Constitution cannot be ignored.  But when people discuss the Founding Fathers, Hamilton’s name is usually a second thought.  People like to talk about George Washington and Thomas Jefferson as the big Founding Fathers.  Heck, some people consider Sam Adams and Paul Revere more important Founding Fathers.  Hamilton deserves some respect.  So here it is, Mr. Hamilton, your credit where credit is due.  My Alexander Hamilton baseball card collection.   

2009 SP Legendary Cuts #182 (Numbered to 500)   


This sweet card is the best looking out of my collection.  And it feels so divine.  Yes, I do have a problem.   

2009 Topps American Heritage #32    

A very simplistic card.  It does, however, give Hamilton some credit in his role with the Revolutionary War.   



2009 Topps American Heritage Heroes #40   



Does this design look familiar?  It was used for 1986 Topps.  The back sums up his career, and character, quite nicely.      

2006 Topps United States Constitution #AH     


2006 Topps United States Constitution its brother insert, Declaration of Independence, both had the same gimmick.  There was no back.  Instead, a section of the Constitution was printed full bleed on the back in hopes that collectors will puzzle the pieces all together to form the complete document.   

2006 Topps Chrome United States Constitution #AH   


A lot shinier than the last card.  Also a lot darker, but that’s due to the scanner having a difficult time picking up chrome cards.   


2006 Topps Chrome United States Constitution Refractors #AH      

A lot, lot shinier than the last card!  This refractor rounds out the complete Alexander Hamilton Constitution set issued by Topps in 2006.   

Well that’s it so far.  I’m hoping to obtain many more in the near future.  If you have any Hamilton cards, you know where to send them.

Orel Hershiser 1993 Fleer

Orel Hershiser 1993 Fleer

What a great looking card!!

Nearing the end of his stay with the Dodgers, Orel Hershiser was not the same pitcher that he was for the team during the mid-to-late 1980’s.  While he still possessed the skills to be a solid starter in the big leagues, he was no longer the dominant guy that captured the hearts of the Dodger fans.

This card, from the 1993 Fleer base set, works great with the theme of the Dodgers’ color scheme.  The Gray and Blue used by Fleer compliments the road uniform of the Dodgers very well.  Fleer did a fabulous job of selecting this image for their card!!

Did You Know…

Johnny Bench hit his last home run on ‘Johnny Bench Night’ at Riverfront Stadium on September 17, 1983.  Following an emotional pre-game ceremony honoring his 17 years with the Reds, the Hall of Fame catcher made just his third start of the season behind home plate.  Bench led off the third inning against Houston’s Mike Madden and drilled the second pitch over the left field wall for his 389th career homer and tied the game 2-2.  Bench also collected a single and a walk, but the Astros won 4-3. 

**factoid courtesy of ‘Big League Trivia’

My take – As thrilling as this must have been for Bench, imagine how much fun the fans that bought tickets for ‘Johnny Bench Night’ felt!!!

Happy Birthday Tony Gwynn!!!

Tony Gwynn turns 50 years old today.  That’s right, the ‘BIG 5-o”!!!

Gwynn is undoubtedly one of the greatest hitters to play professional baseball.  An extremely disciplined hitter that used all areas of the field to collect his 3,141 career hits, Gwynn was a master at the plate.  With a lifetime batting average of .338, Gwynn has the highest batting average of any player to debut during the 1980’s – and there are some impressive players that he eclipsed!

Today, Gwynn is the head baseball coach at San Diego State University, his alma mater.  Could you imagine having him as your coach?  The daily teaching and instruction would be incredible.  Who else would you want to learn how to hit from?

A batting champion that set the bar for all future hitters – Tony Gwynn’s rare talent makes him a baseball legend!!!

Happy Birthday Mr. Gwynn!!