Happy Birthday Tony Gwynn!!!

Tony Gwynn turns 50 years old today.  That’s right, the ‘BIG 5-o”!!!

Gwynn is undoubtedly one of the greatest hitters to play professional baseball.  An extremely disciplined hitter that used all areas of the field to collect his 3,141 career hits, Gwynn was a master at the plate.  With a lifetime batting average of .338, Gwynn has the highest batting average of any player to debut during the 1980’s – and there are some impressive players that he eclipsed!

Today, Gwynn is the head baseball coach at San Diego State University, his alma mater.  Could you imagine having him as your coach?  The daily teaching and instruction would be incredible.  Who else would you want to learn how to hit from?

A batting champion that set the bar for all future hitters – Tony Gwynn’s rare talent makes him a baseball legend!!!

Happy Birthday Mr. Gwynn!!

One response to “Happy Birthday Tony Gwynn!!!

  1. Greatest hitter Ive seen during my 33 years of life… Gwynn has to be one of the most ‘humble’ athletes in all of professional sports. I miss his game, kindness, and his greatness’.
    He’s definately one of my child hood super-heroes.

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