Man Crush, Alexander Hamilton.

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Man Crush, Alexander Hamilton. 

Is it wrong to have a man crush on a historical figure?  I mean, there are very good reasons why I love this guy.  He was arguably the most important man in American history.  His economic philosophies would be touchstones of the modern American capitalistic economy.  His articles and essays in the Federalist Papers would serve as the blueprint for the country’s government.  His duel with the dastardly Aaron Burr would become legendary.  If you haven’t guessed who it is already, then perhaps you should stop reading.  I have a man crush on Alexander Hamilton.  Yes, I said it.  I will scream it off of my rooftop till my face turns blue.  I love Alexander Hamilton!   

Yes, I do have a problem.   

That should not hinder the fact that Hamilton was an essential component to the foundation of America.  To be frank, the man was a genius.  His financial plan is still praised by modern economists and his key work in the U.S. Constitution cannot be ignored.  But when people discuss the Founding Fathers, Hamilton’s name is usually a second thought.  People like to talk about George Washington and Thomas Jefferson as the big Founding Fathers.  Heck, some people consider Sam Adams and Paul Revere more important Founding Fathers.  Hamilton deserves some respect.  So here it is, Mr. Hamilton, your credit where credit is due.  My Alexander Hamilton baseball card collection.   

2009 SP Legendary Cuts #182 (Numbered to 500)   


This sweet card is the best looking out of my collection.  And it feels so divine.  Yes, I do have a problem.   

2009 Topps American Heritage #32    

A very simplistic card.  It does, however, give Hamilton some credit in his role with the Revolutionary War.   



2009 Topps American Heritage Heroes #40   



Does this design look familiar?  It was used for 1986 Topps.  The back sums up his career, and character, quite nicely.      

2006 Topps United States Constitution #AH     


2006 Topps United States Constitution its brother insert, Declaration of Independence, both had the same gimmick.  There was no back.  Instead, a section of the Constitution was printed full bleed on the back in hopes that collectors will puzzle the pieces all together to form the complete document.   

2006 Topps Chrome United States Constitution #AH   


A lot shinier than the last card.  Also a lot darker, but that’s due to the scanner having a difficult time picking up chrome cards.   


2006 Topps Chrome United States Constitution Refractors #AH      

A lot, lot shinier than the last card!  This refractor rounds out the complete Alexander Hamilton Constitution set issued by Topps in 2006.   

Well that’s it so far.  I’m hoping to obtain many more in the near future.  If you have any Hamilton cards, you know where to send them.

3 responses to “Man Crush, Alexander Hamilton.

  1. great post! Are you planning on getting the chrome and refractor versions of the American Heritage cards?

    I agree with you on Hamilton’s unsung status…also check out George Wythe and George Mason…they’re also appropriate for Founding Father man-crush status!

  2. Whatever comes my way, I’ll try to obtain. I’ve been trying to get a 1952 Topps Hamilton in good condition ever since I narrowly got outbid for it on eBay.

    I like Mason as well, very underrated Father! Although not much of a founder, I have a soft spot for Ethan Allen. He makes great furniture.

  3. We need our Founding Fathers back.

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