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Andre Dawson Collection For Sale

Andre Dawson Collection For Sale

A very good friend of mine, and fellow Andre Dawson collector and supporter, has decided to break up his collection of Andre Dawson baseball cards, autographs, and memorabilia.  His collection is incredible and admirable, and he will be off-loading almost everything he owns via Ebay over the coming months.

You may have seen some of my ‘Andre Dawson Grab Bag’ posts over the last few months.  Well, the source behind those great cards has been Craig.  You can check out his amazing website honoring Andre Dawson here.

Craig has committed to listing at least 100 Andre Dawson related auctions on Ebay over the next several months leading  up to ‘The Hawk’s’ induction into the Hall of Fame.

You can view all of those auctions by clicking on this link to his seller page – http://shop.ebay.com/hlrzr32/m.html?…&_sop=1&_rdc=1

And here is just a preview of some of the amazing stuff to come!!!!

Andre Dawson Collection Photobucket Main Page…

Andre Dawson Certified Autographs

Andre Dawson IP/TTM Autographs

Andre Dawson Game Used & Patches

Andre Dawson Manufactured Patches

Andre Dawson Serial Numbered

I told you that his collection was serious!!!  Stay tuned and check back often as Craig will be offering up hundreds of incredible Andre Dawson cards.  And now is the time to pick them up if you’re interested as his popularity will surely increase after his HOF induction this summer.

Oh, and if you tell Craig that you found his auctions as a result of reading ’30-Year Old Cardboard’, he has agreed to waive all shipping fees on multiple auctions won for all single card purchases.

Thank you.

I Want To Add Another Andre Dawson Autographed Baseball To My Collection!!!

I Want To Add Another Andre Dawson Autographed Baseball To My Collection!!!

So, what does one do when they want to accomplish this task?

Well, first I had to go shopping and pick up one of these:

And then I had to write a letter and prepare a donation to Andre’s foundation. 

And after that was done, I threw the letter, check, and ball in one of these:

And on my way to work tomorrow, I will drop this off at the post office and begin my countdown .

And as soon as my newest Andre Dawson signed baseball returns, I will show it off to the ’30-YOC’ faithful.

Stay tuned.

Steve Carlton 1975 Topps

Steve Carlton 1975 Topps

Add another vintage beauty from 1975 to my collection!!!

Steve Carlton had a decent season in 1975.  And when I say decent, that means by his standards…

‘Lefty’ started 37 ballgames for the Phillies in ’75 and finished the year with a 15-14 record.  Going the distance in 14 of his appearances, he also mixed in 3 shutouts.  Carlton threw 255 innings during that campaign.  In that time, he compiled an ERA of 3.56 while giving up 116 runs.  In total, he gave up 217 hits.  He struck out 192 batters on the year while walking 104; good for a 1,85 K:Walk ratio.

A ‘decent’ year?  By Carlton’s standards – Yes.  But I think that a ton of major league pitchers would trade numbers with him in a heartbeat… 

Tim Raines 1982 Donruss

Tim Raines 1982 Donruss

1982 was the first full season that Tim Raines played in the big leagues.  He would remain a full-timer for the next 14 years!

During that season, Raines put on an All-star performance, and he was rewarded with his selection to the mid-season classic.  He hit .277 on the year, which included 179 hits.  Raines made 731 plate appearances in 1982, earning 75 walks and striking out just 83 times.  His hits tally included 4 home runs, 8 triples, 32 doubles, and 133 singles.  He scored 90 runs in 1982 while stealing 78 bases.

And while I am happy to add this card to my Tim Raines player collection, the card does very little  to honor the dynamic year that he had in 1982…

1981 Topps ‘Record Breakers’ – Card #203 – Bill Gullickson

1981 Topps ‘Record Breakers’ – Card #203 – Bill Gullickson

“Gullickson Sets Strikeout Mark For Rookies”

Montreal, Quebec, September 10, 1980.  Exops’ righthander Bill Gullickson fanned 18 Chicago Cubs in pitching Montreal to a 4-2 victory tonight.  He thus became the first rookie in major league history to fan as many as 18 batters in a single contest.  The mark for a 9-inning game is 19 whiffs held jointly by Steve Carlton, Tom Seaver, and Nolan Ryan.  Those who’ve fanned 18 in 9 innings include Bob Feller, Sandy Koufax, Don Wilson, Nolan Ryan, and Ron Guidry.

My take – Some very serious company that Gullickson joined here.  And although the record did not last long, it is an amazing accomplishment by any rookie!!