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Andre Dawson 2009 Topps Tribute – Blue

Andre Dawson 2009 Topps Tribute – Blue

I grabbed the base version of this card pretty quickly when they were released back in late 2009.  That was easy – it’s the colored, serial-numbered versions that have been tougher to secure.

But now, I also(finally) own the ‘Blue’ version.  Numbered 193/219, it was much tougher to secure this one than I thought it would be.  And I have to say that the Blue color looks much better in person that on the scan below.  While not ‘Cubbie-Blue’, the color does look pretty good with the image that Topps used for this ‘Tribute’ card.

TTM Success: 1967 Cy Young Winner, Jim Lonborg!!!

TTM Success: 1967 Cy Young Winner, Jim Lonborg!!!

13 days was all that it took for this former Cy Young winning pitcher to ‘deliver’ 3 great autographs for my collection!!

I now have the 1976, 1977, and 1978 Topps cards all signed by Mr. Lonborg.

And while he did not inscribe these cards with his ’67 Cy Young’ inscription(probably because that came from his days with Boston, and not Philly), I am thrilled to add these to my collection of TTM autographs from the ‘Award Winners’ of the game.

Thank you Mr. Lonborg.

Dale Murphy 1989 Fleer

Dale Murphy 1989 Fleer

Oh yeah, there’s that home run swing that I loved as a kid!!!  Great photo choice by Fleer on this one…

And while Dale Murphy wasn’t bashing home runs in the late 1980’s at the same pace that he was in the earlier part of the decade, he was still able to crush the ball and drive in runs for the Atlanta Braves.

For his career, Murphy hit 398 home runs.  Falling just 2 homers shy of equalling a major big league milestone, Murphy was on par with the best power hitters from the decade.  During the 1980’s he hit 301 homers, good for an average of 30 per year.  He blasted 20 or more homers in 9 of those 10 seasons, with his lowest total being 13 in 1981 and his highest tally coming in 1987 with 44.

Great card.  Great photo!! 

Did You Know…

Jimmie Foxx won three batting titles(1932, 1933, and 1938) and also won the American League MVP award each of those years.  By contrast, Ted Williams won seven batting titles, including titles in 1942 and 1947 when he won the Triple Crown, but his MVP awards came in 1946 and 1949 – years in which he did not win the batting title.  Williams finished second in the MVP voting four times in the seven years in which he won batting titles.

**factoid courtesy of ‘Big League Trivia’

My Take –  I think that one of the things I admire most about players from prior generations was their desire to be and remain best.  That desire carried into the 1990’s with hitters like Boggs, Gwynn, Mattingly, and others, but it is rare for there to be as steady of a stream of solid hitters in today’s game.  And that is probably why I value the play of Joe Mauer and Ichicro today…

Happy Anniversary Al Leiter!!!

On this day in 1996, All Leiter threw a no-hitter for the Florida Marlins!!!

I happened to have been at this game, and it is by far the single greatest sporting event I have ever seen live in person.  This game easily trumps being at the World Series, The NBA Conference Finals, and any other baseball, basketball, or wrestling event I have ever been to.

I thought it would be fun to go back and review that original post I wrote over a year ago when I told you about ‘The Greatest Baseball Game I Have Ever Been To’.  And then being a bit of a risk taker, I sent the ticket stub from that game along with a baseball card and sent them to Al Leiter in hopes of getting him to sign them for me.  That went pretty well too

Thanks again Mr. Leiter.  And Happy Anniversary!!!