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TTM Success: ‘Billy The Marlin’

TTM Success: ‘Billy The Marlin’

As you can imagine, there is a lot of baseball watched in my house. 

And when tuned into the game, whichever two teams are playing, when I ask my son who his favorite baseball player is, his answer is the same each and every time – Billy.  Not Billy Ripken.  Not Billy Williams.  It’s ‘Billy The Marlin’.

So when I found this card, I hid it away until the season started.  And when my most recent round of TTM requests went in the mail, so did the card.  Now it is back.  15 days later, we now own a signed card by my 3 1/2 year old son’s favorite player – ‘Billy’!!!

Thank you Billy!!!!

Paul Molitor 2006 Upper Deck ‘Epic Materials’ Game-Used Jersey Card

Paul Molitor 2006 Upper Deck ‘Epic Materials’ Game-Used Jersey Card

Taking a short break from working on my Paul Molitor player collection, I couldn’t resist this bargain that I found of my buddy, Paul Molitor. 

I was able to steal this one on Ebay for just $0.99!!!

Numbered 013/145, this card features a swatch of a Brewers’ home jersey used by Molitor during his playing days.  The added bonus of a pinstripe running throughout the swatch adds a great compliment to this awesome looking card.  And for someone who is not a fan of cards featuring posed photography, this one works very well.

I am very happy to add this ‘Epic’ card to my collection of baseball cards honoring Hall of Famer, Paul Molitor!!!

1979 Topps Jim Palmer

1979 Topps Jim Palmer


On it, you see Jim Palmer just seconds before he gets ready to fire another pitch toward home plate.  And with this unique camera angle, and even more unique photo, it makes me think about other images that would capture a similar feel as this professional prepares to take on his task.

  1. Like a doctor seconds before surgery
  2. Like a lawyer seconds away from his opening statement
  3. Like a pro football player just seconds before taking a snap from center

It’s not often that you get to see the picture of complete confidence and concentration right before anyone takes on a job that they do best.

Topps did a great job of capturing that for us with this Jim Palmer baseball card!!!

Happy Anniversary Ernie Banks!!!

On this day in 1970, Mr. Cub, Ernie Banks crushed his 500th career home run!!!

Ranking at #21 on the All-time home run list with 521 career round-trippers, Banks’ ranking continues to drop as more players overtake his career achievement of 521.  It’s quite possible that Banks will drop 2 to 3 more spots over the course of the next 4-5 seasons, but one thing is for sure – ERNIE BANKS’ STATUS WILL NEVER FADE AMONGST CUBS FANS!!!

Banks personifies what Cubbie Baseball is all about, and he is without a doubt the most popular baseball player to ever call Wrigley Field home.

Happy Anniversary Mr. Banks!!  We Still Love You!!!!

Happy Birthday Yogi Berra!!!

Yogi Berra turns 85 years old today.

Still a very famous face of the franchise, Yogi Berra and the New York Yankees are bonded for eternity.  Just as popular today with the Yankees as he was during his playing days, Yogi Berra is New York, and he is a Yankee for life.

In Berra’s 18 years with the team, he won an amazing 10 World Series titles.  He was a 3-time Most Valuable Player, and a 15-time All-star.  Berra is a member of the 1972 Hall of Fame class, and his famous plaque features him wearing his permanent Yankees cap.

Happy Birthday Mr. Berra!!!