1979 Topps Jim Palmer

1979 Topps Jim Palmer


On it, you see Jim Palmer just seconds before he gets ready to fire another pitch toward home plate.  And with this unique camera angle, and even more unique photo, it makes me think about other images that would capture a similar feel as this professional prepares to take on his task.

  1. Like a doctor seconds before surgery
  2. Like a lawyer seconds away from his opening statement
  3. Like a pro football player just seconds before taking a snap from center

It’s not often that you get to see the picture of complete confidence and concentration right before anyone takes on a job that they do best.

Topps did a great job of capturing that for us with this Jim Palmer baseball card!!!

One response to “1979 Topps Jim Palmer

  1. I know the 1979 set get beat up alot, but it’s still a nice easy on the eyes Topps product.

    The only issue I had back then was sorting a 12, 00o card case with such small card numbers….ouch!!

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