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Fergie Jenkins Game-Used Jersey Card Up For Grabs!!!

Fergie Jenkins Game-Used Jersey Card Up For Grabs!!!

Immediately after I completed my Fergie Jenkins player collection I started hunting down certified autographed cards and cards featuring game-used relics.

I swiftly added 6-7 new Ebay searches to my profile so I would be alerted when new auctions that met my criteria were listed.  With the PC set out of the way, I kind of felt like the handcuffs had been taken off and I was ready to do some damage.

The first auction that I bid on(and won) was a 2-card lot of the cards below:

And while I am a loyal collector of Mr. Jenkins, I do not need 2 of the same card.  Especially when there is so much out there for me to get.

So, if you want this card, make me an offer.  Simply leave a comment on this post with what you are willing to offer up for one of these great looking cards.  I am not looking for anything specific in exchange for it.  But another HOF relic card would be preferred.


Two Greats From 1968!!!

Two Greats From 1968!!!

I nabbed these two cards from the same seller on Ebay last week.  And since the theme is the same, I thought I would show them off together.

The 1968 Topps base design is far from brilliant.  But the All-star cards issued as part of that set look fantastic.

Here are the Frank Robinson and Joe Morgan All-star cards from that set:

These two guys were some of the greatest stars in the sport in 1968.  Robinson was an established veteran player that was able to dominate the game with his offensive skills.  Morgan was still trying to establish himself in the big leagues, but he was off to a fantastic start to his Hall of Fame career.

Both guys wound up in the Hall of Fame on their first ballots.  Both guys are World Series champions that helped lead their teams to championships. 

I am very excited to add both of these 1968 Topps All-star cards to my collection.

Two of my favorite players from the generations before mine – Mr. Frank Robinson & Mr. Joe Morgan!!!

Dale Murphy 1988 Score

Dale Murphy 1988 Score

Oh, yeah.  It’s ’88 Score again.  And again, they don’t fail me.

Over a year ago, I ranked my favorite sets issued during the 1980’s.  And with all of the player collections that I have tackled since, 1988 Score has had some of the best looking cards issued during that decade.  While I am not ready to crown that set as the best one issued during that time, it has certainly climbed up the ladder substantially in my eyes.

This Dale Murphy card is very nice.  An action photo, and a zoomed-in shot let you see the hitter’s eyes follow the ball as it flies off of the bat.  And while I would have preferred that the picture be a little more zoomed-out than it is, some of the effects would have been lost if Score did just that.

Great card!  Great set!

Did You Know…

During his long career, the only offensive category in which Hall of Fame catcher Carlton Fisk led the American League was triples.  In 1972, his first full year in the majors, Fisk tied Oakland’s Joe Rudi with nine triples.

**factoid courtesy of ‘Big League Trivia’

My take – I love trivia like this.  In no way would I have guessed triples…