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Results – Gary Carter Signing!!!

Results – Gary Carter Signing!!!

The added bonus of going to the baseball card show this past Saturday was that the memorabilia store in the mall was holding an autograph signing event with Hall of Famer, Gary Carter.

A local resident in South Florida, Carter is the head baseball coach of a local university.  He was in great spirits at the signing and was very warm and accommodating to all that were there to see him.  Taking the time to speak with, make eye contact, and even a little small-talk with his fans made this event a memorable one for me. 

I first became a fan of Carter during his days with the Montreal Expos.  He was teamed up with Andre Dawson, Tim Raines, and Pete Rose to form a solid offensive team in the mid-80’s.  I also enjoyed watching him play for the very talented New York Mets – a team that he helped win the 1986 World Series.

Here are some pics:

This is Carter signing my baseball.  It’s hard to tell from the picture, but he is wearing the 1986 World Series championship ring on his right hand.

The ball, signed by Carter with the inscription “HOF ’03”.

Me and ‘The Man’ – Hall of Famer, and great guy,Gary Carter!!!

This signing was a lot of fun.  It was great to meet Mr.Carter in person, and the store that held this signing did a great job in organizing a very nice event.

Signed baseball #25 has been added to my collection!!!

Baseball Card Show Purchase #8 – Frank Thomas Game-Used Jersey Card

Baseball Card Show Purchase #8 – Frank Thomas Game-Used Jersey Card

It seems like the more baseball card shows that I attend more and more people are dumping their game-used relic cards.

And it’s not just the ‘common’ players that they are getting rid of…

I was able to buy this card of Frank Thomas for just $2.00.

What a steal, huh??

The card comes from 2003 Topps T206 set.  A mini, that has been ‘framed’ by Topps, looks incredible.  There was no way that I was going to pass up on this opportunity to grab a relic card of a future Hall of Famer and one of the greatest hitters of the last 20 years.

A note to all of the dealers at the show – please keep bringing your bargain bins of relic cards!!!

Baseball Card Show Purchase #7 – 4 Serial Numbered Joe Margan Cards

Baseball Card Show Purchase #7 – 4 Serial Numbered Joe Morgan Cards

At the same time that I grabbed the 2 Willie McCovey cards that I showed off earlier today, I nabbed these 4 of Joe Morgan as well.

All serial numbered, and looking great, these cards are excellent examples of nice looking modern cards that feature vintage photography.

Card #1 is from the 2005 Donruss Champions ‘Membership’ set.  Numbered 677/1000, this is the only one that I grabbed of Morgan in his Giants uniform.  The card features muted colors and that works very well with the color scheme of the card’s design.  I just wish that they used a larger Giants logo in the center.

Card #2 is numbered as 493/1500 and comes from the 2004 Donruss Throwback Threads set.  Again, we have a very small team logo presented, and the dull colors of the Black & White photo they used of Morgan combined with the dark and dreary design of the set makes this one my least favorite of the four.

The third card I grabbed was the 2004 Upper Deck SP All-Star Moments card, numbered 317/499.  The card features a great, vintage image of Morgan and is complimented very well by the bursts of color scattered throughout the card’s design.  The flashes of Red on the bottom really pops on this one.

The final card I purchased is my favorite of the bunch.  Numbered 128/1350, this one comes from the 2007 Topps Triple Threads set and it honors Morgan’s election into the Hall of Fame in 1990.  Brimming with Red accents, this card is beautiful in person.  The colors are sharp and clean.  And Joe’s Grey uniform works perfectly to add just enough contrast to allow the Red to shine brilliantly!!!

Baseball Card Show Purchase #6 – Plenty Of Puckett

Baseball Card Show Purchase #6 – Plenty Of Puckett

Another guy I plan on adding to my player collection roster is none other than Hall of Famer, Kirby Puckett.

‘Puck’ was tons of fun to watch at bat and in the field.  I have some great memories of watching him lead the Minnesota Twins to two World Series championships during his playing days.

All of these cards were rescued from the $0.10 bin and now rest safely at home with me.

17 cards = 17 steps in the right direction to collecting one of my favorite players from my youth!!!

Baseball Card Show Purchase #5 – 1977 Topps Tom Seaver

Baseball Card Show Purchase #5 – 1977 Topps Tom Seaver

Sometimes there are cards that just stick out to you.  This card of Tom Seaver is one of them.  I have seen this card a countless number of times, and for a reason that I am unsure of, it has always left an impact on me.

The photo is a good one.  The ’77 design by Topps is solid.  The condition if this 33-year old card is fantastic. 

It called out to me.  And now it is mine.

My lone vintage pick-up from the card show – 1977 Topps, Tom Seaver.

Baseball Card Show Purchase #4 – A Generous Portion Of Ozzie Smith

Baseball Card Show Purchase #4 – A Generous Portion Of Ozzie Smith

Do I plan on collecting Ozzie Smith’s baseball cards??  You betcha! 

So I grabbed as many cards of ‘The Wizzard’ that I could find….

And I did pretty well too.  Totaling 13, I am on my way to starting a collection that will honor one of the most respected and celebrated players from my youth.

Based on the images featured on these cards, collecting Ozzie is going to be a ton of fun!!!

Baseball Card Show Purchase #3 – A Decent Mix Of Joe Morgans

Baseball Card Show Purchase #3 – A Decent Mix Of Joe Morgans

I have been on the hunt for Joe Morgan cards for the last 2 months or so.  His status in my book has elevated incredibly over the last few months, and I intend to add him to my player collections in the very near future.

I found the below cards of Morgan in the ten-cent boxes and added them to my stack without missing a step.

In the lot – a few cards from the 1980’s when Morgan suited up for the Giants and Astros.  I also found a re-print of his 1966 Topps card and a 2008 Goudey card featuring him from his amazing days with the Reds. 

Baseball Card Show Purchase #2 – Reggie Jackson X7

Baseball Card Show Purchase #2 – Reggie Jackson X7

Anytime I see cards featuring Reggie Jackson I pause to take a look.  His larger than life personality and on the field heroics cause me to stop each and every time.

And when they’re in the $0.10 bin, I barely hesitate to pull them out and add them to the stack of cards I am intending to buy.  After a quick glance to ensure that they’re in mint condition, I picked up all 7 of these bad-boys for just $0.70.

All modern day issues, these cards feature great action shots of Reggie during his days with the Oakland A’s and New York Yankees.  Of them, my two favorites are the 2004 Fleer Greats card(second row, right) and the 2004 Donruss Playoffs Honors(bottom, center).

Baseball Card Show Purchase #1 – 2 Serial Numbered McCoveys

Baseball Card Show Purchase #1 – 2 Serial Numbered McCoveys

One of the dealers that I have become friendly with always has his cards sorted by cost.  He’s the guy with the $1 bin.  And if you buy 5 or more, he knocks them down to just $0.75 a piece.

I made sure that I grabbed at least 5 cards from his box to get the ‘bulk’ discount.  And in the mix that I picked out, were these two Willie McCovey cards.

Card #1 is from the 2005 Upper Deck MLB Artifacts set.  Numbered 270/1999, this card looks great.  The San Francisco Giants uniform that McCovey is proudly wearing works extremely well with the design of this card.

Card #2 is from Donruss’ 2001 ‘Classics’ set.  It too looks great, and the action photo of McCovey is outstanding.  The card is numbered 231/1755.  Donruss got this one right when they tagged it as ‘Classics’!!!

Baseball Card Show Review

Baseball Card Show Review

So, I attended a baseball card show this weekend, and I went into it wanting to obtain a few cards that have been eluding me over the last few months.  I am very close to completing a few more player collections and subsets I am working on and I wanted to use this card show as a method to getting even closer to that finish line.

The results?  Complete FAIL!!!  I did not obtain 1 of the 6 cards I was shopping for.  In fact, I didn’t even see one of them…

But I still did fairly well…

I stocked up on some stuff at the bargain bins.

I nabbed some great serial numbered cards of some of the Hall of Famers that I collect.

I picked up a Game-Used jersey card of a future Hall of Famer that called Chicago home for most of his career.

I grabbed some cards that will help with some future player collections I want to go after.

And the highlight of the card show??  Hanging out with this guy.  This is the first time that I have attended a baseball card show with another collector in close to 20 years.  And the experience is quite different from flying solo!!  Having another person help seek out cards you’d like is a great bonus.  And it also helps when that collector happens to be a great bargain hunter as well.  Thank you Alfredo!!!

So, stay tuned all day to ’30-YOC’ as I will be bringing you the highlights of all of my purchases from the show.