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Contest Time: ‘Shades of 89′

Contest Time: ‘Shades of 89’

As baseball’s inter-league weekend is upon us, I took a peek at the upcoming schedule to see if there were any intriguing match-ups.  And immediately the Oakland A’s / San Francisco Giants match-up threw me in a time warp.

Flashbacks to 1989 were upon me.  Earthquakes, Bash Brothers, collapsed bridges, Dave Stewart’s focus, Will Clark’s bat…  All vivid memories from the 4-game series that have lasted with me more than 20 years later.

Each team was littered with very talented players.  From Rickey Henderson to Matt Williams to Mark McGwire to Kevin Mitchell to Jose Canseco to Will Clark to Dave Henderson to Brett Butler to Walt Weiss to Robby Thompson to Terry Steinbach.  See what I mean.

So, for this contest I thought we would look at the hitters of today’s A’s and Giants teams.  And while not as prolific as the players that wore the same jerseys 20 years ago, some of these guys are great as well.  What I want you to do is predict the total number of hits amassed during this 3-game series.  Simply select a number and submit it into the comments section of this post.  The player with the closest number without going over wins!!!

And the prize for this contest???

How about this…

12 packs of 1991 Upper Deck baseball cards.

Look good to you?  Do you want them??  Then, what are you waiting for???  Submit your picks for the ‘Shades of 89’ contest – and these packs could be yours!!!

Paul Molitor 1991 Score

Paul Molitor 1991 Score

I don’t know much about the baseball card designs of the mid-to-late 1990s.  But I do know that of the early releases in the decade, the 1991 Score design is one of my favorites.

And here we are blessed with a rare shot of Paul Molitor playing defense.  YES!!!

By 1991, Paul Molitor was already a seasoned veteran and one of the game’s most talented offensive weapons.  His bat was so impressive and consistent that he was used primarily as a designated hitter during the last half of his career.

So when a card of him playing defense comes up, and the photo is as nice as this one, it immediately stands out to this collector.

What a great addition to my Paul Molitor collection!!!

On a side note, the card says that Molitor’s position is 3rd base.  In 1991, he did not play a single game at third.  He spent time mostly DH’ing and covering 1st base too.  Oddly enough, the image is of Molitor turning a double play at second base….

1981 Topps ‘Record Breakers’ – Card #204 – Ron LeFlore & Rondey Scott

1981 Topps ‘Record Breakers’ – Card #204 – Ron LeFlore & Rondey Scott

“LeFlore & Scott Set Theft Mark For Teammates”

Montreal, Quebec, October 5, 1980.  Expos’ speedsters Ron LeFlore and Rodney Scott have completed the 1980 season with 97 and 63 stolen bases respectively.  As a result, their combined total of 160 thefts has established a new major league record for the most stolen bases by teammates in a season.  The former record in this category was 148 swipes by Lou Brock and Bake McBride of the Cardinals in 1974.  Brock’s total of 118 stolen bases that season still stands as the individual record.

My Take – I can guess why today’s stars don’t put more emphasis and heart into stealing bases.  But I have to say that when watching games today, base stealing is one of the things I moss most that I found to be an enjoyable part of the game during my youth.

Happy Birthday Reginald Martinez Jackson!!!

You may know him as Reggie or as Mr. October or as 1 of the greatest World Series heroes in baseball history.  However you know him, Reginald Martinez Jackson turns 64 years old today!!

I unquestionably consider Reggie Jackson as being one of the most dynamic players to ever play the game of professional baseball.  On the very short list, I think that Reggie during his prime was one player that was worth the price of admission alone.  His persona and ability were head and shoulders above most of his teammates and competitors and when Reggie got the chance to shine, he took full advantage…  The result is one of the most impressive careers in baseball for a player playing in a major market city.

Quite simply, Reggie Jackson lived up to the hype he built for himself and not too many players can do that.  For his birthday, I would like to give Reggie a hidden microphone and let him coach a high-profile game.  Maybe the All-star game.  Maybe the ‘Home Run Derby’.  Something good but not too serious.   Let Reggie have fun, and I am sure that hilarity would ensue…

Happy Birthday ‘Mr. October’!!!

Happy Birthday Brooks Robinson!!!

The man considered to be the greatest defensive third baseman in baseball history turns 73 years old today!!

The resume of Brooks Robinson is more incredible each and every time I take a peek at it.  I’ve always known him to be a great defensive ball player, but his offensive and team success during his 23-year career cannot be denied.  While Mike Schmidt may be the more explosive, and Chipper Jones may be the better pure hitter of the bunch, Brooks can certainly hold his own in the conversation ranking the best third basemen in baseball history.

Robinson is known for his glove first, and with 16 consecutive years of Gold Glove level performance it is clear to see why. On offense he has collected 2,848 hits, 268 home runs, 1,357 RBI, 1,232 runs scored, and a lifetime average of .267.  And the Orioles teams he played for did well too.  He is a member of the 1966 and 1970 World Series championship teams.

I think I am going to invest a little energy in seeing how I can get a signed ball by Mr. Robinson into my collection – it should be well worth the trouble…

Happy Birthday Mr. Robinson!!!