Contest Time: ‘Shades of 89′

Contest Time: ‘Shades of 89’

As baseball’s inter-league weekend is upon us, I took a peek at the upcoming schedule to see if there were any intriguing match-ups.  And immediately the Oakland A’s / San Francisco Giants match-up threw me in a time warp.

Flashbacks to 1989 were upon me.  Earthquakes, Bash Brothers, collapsed bridges, Dave Stewart’s focus, Will Clark’s bat…  All vivid memories from the 4-game series that have lasted with me more than 20 years later.

Each team was littered with very talented players.  From Rickey Henderson to Matt Williams to Mark McGwire to Kevin Mitchell to Jose Canseco to Will Clark to Dave Henderson to Brett Butler to Walt Weiss to Robby Thompson to Terry Steinbach.  See what I mean.

So, for this contest I thought we would look at the hitters of today’s A’s and Giants teams.  And while not as prolific as the players that wore the same jerseys 20 years ago, some of these guys are great as well.  What I want you to do is predict the total number of hits amassed during this 3-game series.  Simply select a number and submit it into the comments section of this post.  The player with the closest number without going over wins!!!

And the prize for this contest???

How about this…

12 packs of 1991 Upper Deck baseball cards.

Look good to you?  Do you want them??  Then, what are you waiting for???  Submit your picks for the ‘Shades of 89’ contest – and these packs could be yours!!!

12 responses to “Contest Time: ‘Shades of 89′

  1. I’ll go with 42 total hits for the 3 game series.

    Thanks for the contest!

  2. 37 thanks

  3. 40

  4. 48 hits please.

    My 2 year old son would love to rip those packs open!

  5. Going with 50….thanks Brian!

  6. Great contest concept! I’ll go with 53.

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