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Ernie Banks 2008 Upper Deck Heroes – Charcoal

Ernie Banks 2008 Upper Deck Heroes – Charcoal

Card #2 of this rainbow has made its way into my collection.

And while I don’t know what the color called ‘Charcoal’ has to do with a rainbow, I am not complaining either.  The color adds a nice vintage twist to a modern issue – and that makes ’30-YOC’ a happy collector!!!

Progress – 2/10

‘On The Road With psugator02′ – May 17, 2010

‘On The Road With psugator02′ – May 17, 2010

Miami Gardens, Fla.
Sunlife Stadium
Arizona Diamondbacks at Florida Marlins
5:30-10:30 p.m.

I knew it might be difficult to get a graph from Kirk Gibson, who is now the hitting coach with the Arizona Diamondbacks. But I figured that the rain might keep some graphers away, making Gibson more likely to sign if there were only a few people there. If you’ve ever graphed Sunlife Stadium then you know that opposing teams enter the field either through the dugout or through the gate between third base and left field. I guessed on the gate between third base and left field and I was actually right. Gibson finally walked onto the field about 10 minutes prior to the game. I was the only grapher to call out his name as he walked by. He had to have been only 20 or so feet from me, but he wouldn’t acknowledge me and he just kept walking.

Last year in New York City I graphed the D’backs at their hotel. I remember then that Gibson had a policy where he would only sign at the hotel on one day of the road trip. For some reason the day last year that he said he would sign I was busy doing something that actually wasn’t related to baseball (I know that may come as a shock to most of you LOL) and couldn’t make it to the hotel. So I knew that getting Gibson this night might be a bit difficult, especially considering that I was with the girlfriend, who was in no mood to wait an hour for the opposing players to board the bus.

So when the 9th inning came around she and I positioned ourselves to where we thought would be the best location to get a graph from Gibson. But this time instead of leaving through the place he entered, Gibson chose to exit through the dugout.

Not getting Gibson this night, however, wouldn’t prove to be that big of a deal considering the D’backs had one other player I really needed and that was starting pitcher Rodrigo Lopez. I had hoped to get him in the Cactus League but found Chase Field in Phoenix difficult to graph. That day I never even saw Lopez. This day, thankfully, turned out differently.

As soon as the D’backs finished their postgame celebrations on the field I tried to get the attention of a few players but to no avail. Then for some strange reason Rodrigo Lopez, the only player I needed on the entire team, started to walk toward me. I hadn’t even been shouting his name. He simply wanted to say hello to a friend. I could’ve attempted to graph the D’backs from a number of different places inside the stadium yet I picked the one place where Lopez’ friend was standing. Weird!

I couldn’t believe my eyes as Lopez walked right toward me. He shook the hand of the guy next to me and promptly did my 2006 Orioles’ team photo. It’s a dual photo with mugshots of 12 different Orioles. I already had 9 graphs done and only needed Lopez, Tejada and Benson. Lopez took the photo, looked at it for a minute and then gave me a very sweet signature. I must have thanked him five times. I get excited when I get Ginters done, but I never get this excited. It’s just neat to see a piece that you’ve worked so hard on come to fruition.

Kirk Gibson: 0/1, 0/1
Rodrigo Lopez: 1/1 (2006 Orioles team photo)

1976 Topps Honors The ‘Big Red Machine’ Of 1975

1976 Topps Honors The ‘Big Red Machine’ Of 1975

While shopping for vintage stuff on Ebay last week, I couldn’t resist throwing this card into my shopping cart.

The experience for me was kind of like standing on line at the cash register.  Here I am hovering around looking at what surrounds me.  All kinds of great stuff, some necessary for life and some just stuff that is nice to look at.

Ultimately I threw it in my cart and now that it is home with me, I am happy with that decision!!!

Check it out:

The 1975 Cincinnati Reds ‘Big Red Machine’ is one of my favorite teams of all-time.  And now, I have yet another baseball card to honor that great group of players!!!

Orel Hershiser 1989 Fleer

Orel Hershiser 1989 Fleer

Orel Hershiser was ‘The Man’ coming into the 1989 baseball season.

Coming off of one of the greatest single-season pitching performances that led to a World Series championship, Orel had an amazing 1988!!!

And this 1989 Fleer card is outstanding.  With a graphic design and color palate that blends perfectly with the Los Angeles Dodgers uniform, this card gets an A+!!!

Did You Know…

As part of his record streak of 2,632 consecutive games, Cal Ripken, Jr. was in the lineup every day from the opening of the 1990 season until September 20, 1998 – and still finished fifth in games played in the 1990s.  During the 1999 season, back injuries forced the Baltimore Ironman to the disabled list for the first time in his career, limiting him to just 86 games.  Ripken finished the decade with 1,475 games played, trailing Rafael Palmeiro, Craig Biggio, Mark Grace, and Jay Bell.

**factoid courtesy of “Big League Trivia”