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Mark Grace 2002 Upper Deck ‘Stars of 89′ Game-Used Jersey Card

Mark Grace 2002 Upper Deck ‘Stars of 89’ Game-Used Jersey Card

There were so many reasons to buy this card.  And when the price tag said just $0.99, I jumped at the chance to add it to my collection.

Among the reasons to act:

  1. 1989 was the year that I moved to Chicago. It was also the year that ‘Gracey’ put on a show in the playoffs
  2. The swatch appears to be from a Blue Cubs jersey
  3. I unofficially collect Grace, so nabbing a Game-Used card seemed like a good idea
  4. It’s hard to resist a card like this with such a low price tag

But now that I have the card, I am a little disappointed in the overall outcome.  While the card is mint, and I agree that it looks great, there are just way too many open-ended questions for me. 


  1. Why would a  card called ‘Stars of 89’ show him in a uniform that he did not wear in 1989?
  2. Did the D’Backs ever wear this kind of Blue?
  3. Why can’t the back of the card offer a little more info than the normal generic writing about the piece of memorabilia on the card?

See what I mean??

So, while I am thrilled to have this card in my collection(overall, I still like it), I just wish it didn’t fall short of the ‘Stars of 89’ theme that originally drew me in…

TTM Success – Former Pirates Pitcher Kent Tekulve!!!

TTM Success – Former Pirates Pitcher Kent Tekulve!!!

19 days was all that it took for this former Pirates relief pitcher to hurl 3 signed cards back to me.

As a relief pitcher, ‘Tek’ had some every successful seasons as he collected 14 or more saves 7 different times.  He also helped dig his team out of losing games as he had 4 seasons with double-digit wins(all in relief appearances).  Kent Tekulve was a serviceable pitcher, and part of the Pittsburg Pirates 1979 World Series championship team.  He was a 1-time All-star and finished in 5th place for the Cy Young award two-time in his career.

Thank you for the great autographs ‘Tek’!!!

Tim Raines 1989 Bowman

Tim Raines 1989 Bowman

Finally!  A card showing Tim Raines on the base paths – a place he was a constant threat to the opposing team.

And while the photo doesn’t show Raines sprinting to the next base or sliding during a stolen base attempt, I’ll take what I can get as it appears that cards showing off Mr. Raines’ incredible skills as a base runner are very hard to come by.

But a question remains – What is he doing while apparently jogging on the field??  My guess is that he has made an out and is headed back to his team’s dugout.  Your thoughts??

Happy Anniversary Roger Clemens!!!

On this day back in 1984, Roger Clemens won his first major league baseball game.

With his team on the road in Minnesota, the Boston Red Sox were battling the Minnesota Twins.  Clemens needed just 131 minutes to earn victory number 1 of his career.

Against a solid Twins team, Clemens pitched 7 strong innings in the 5-4 win.  He allowed 7 hits and 4 runs during the contest.  He also showed off his ability to dominate hitters with his powerful pitching and sharp control as he struck out 7 batters while walking just 1.

Happy Anniversary Mr. Clemens.  Win #1 of your 354 career victories came on this day 26 years ago!!!