The Basketball Hall Of Fame Irks Me!!!!

The Basketball Hall Of Fame Irks Me!!!!

I haven’t had the best luck when it comes to chosing successful teams to cheer for and align myself with.  And in my 25+ years of being a sports fan, I could probably count my championship moments on less than two hands(and that involves all sports, including some individual ones too).

So with that being said, when a team or player that I have enjoyed during their career is honored, I gain a little more salvation from that than the average fan.

All of this leads me up to the 2010 Basketball Hall of Fame inductions.

The headliners of the class of 2010 are Karl Malone and Scottie Pippen. 

Pippen was an absolute joy to watch on the court, and is probably one of the most accomplished of the versatile players that the sport has ever had.  I enjoyed watching him play during his career in Chicago and I am happy that he will be honored as a Hall of Famer.

My admiration for Karl Malone goes well beyond that.  Malone is my Andre Dawson of the basketball world.  While everyone else was cheering on #23, I was hooked on ‘The Mailman’.  And while it was not an easy feat while living in Chicago, I was able to immerse myself in everything that was Karl Malone related.  He is one of the greatest scorers in the history of the sport and will be honored as a Hall of Famer with Pippen in a few months.

So what has me irked??  How about this…

Along with the Pippen and Malone inductions, the HOF has decided to enshrine the ‘Dream Team’ as part of the class of 2010 as well.  And while I have tons of fond memories of watching these guys play and dominate for the United States, I am quite frankly pissed that the Hall has chosen this year to honor them.  Is there something special about 2010?  No.  Does 2010 mark an anniversary of the team’s success?  No.  So, why this year?  Why 2010?  Why, Why, Why???

I just don’t get it.  Do they deserve to be honored as the greatest assembly of basketball talent ever seen?  Of course!  But, why now??  Give Malone and Pippen the same spotlight that you gave Robinson, Stockton, and Jordan last year.  Why not wait until the HOF doesn’t have a 1st ballot entrant?  Then give the ‘Dream Team’ the headline so the induction class is still relevant.  And that way it doesn’t take away from the joy that 2 of its members will get from their inductions. 

Personally I see this as nothing more than the HOF parading MJ, Magic, Bird, and the others around to keep people interested.  But I find it completely unfair to Pippen and Malone as well as their faimlies and fans who want to see them have this moment to shine on their own.  I just don’t see why they would do that this year when two of the greatest and most decorated players from the last 25 years have earned their chance to stand alone in the spotlight.

Will I watch?  Yes.  Am I already preparing myself for a let down?  Sadly, yes.

I, and many others as well, have been waiting far too long for this day to come to see ‘The Mailman’ and ‘Pip’ share a stage on this special night with Christian Laetner, Chris Mullin, and Clyde Drexler.

One response to “The Basketball Hall Of Fame Irks Me!!!!

  1. I completely share your frustration. I can’t believe Pip will have to share the stage with Jordan during his HOF moment, and to a lesser extent, Malone with Stockton. These two legends will forever be linked to their longtime running mates and rightfully so, but the HOF induction is a time to honor them as individuals. Stockton of course will lay low, but I fear that Pip will again somehow be upstaged by MJ.

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