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Andre Dawson 2010 Topps Sterling – White

Andre Dawson 2010 Topps Sterling – White

I grabbed the ‘base’ version of this card a few months ago.  You can see that card here.

And while I don’t know all of the different versions if this card that have been issued, I found the White one to be one that I would love to add to my collection.

So that is precisely what I did.

I just got this card back from a purchase on Ebay.  And I could not be happier.  Take a look:

I told you it looks great!!! 

Numbered 25/50, I feel like I have added a piece of artwork to my collection of Dawson.  This card easily ranks as one of my favorite modern-era card of my favorite Hall of Famer!!!

2006 Chicago Cubs Greats Of The Game Game-Used Bat Card – Gary Matthews, Sr.

2006 Chicago Cubs Greats Of The Game Game-Used Bat Card – Gary Matthews, Sr.

I finished the base set of this ‘Cubs’ tribute a while back.  And once done, I always thought it would be a nice challenge to go after the game-used bat and jersey cards from the same series.  I have shopped for these a few different times and that dream may be tough to conquer.  But that doesn’t mean that I cannot take baby steps towards coming close to that goal.

What a sweet looking card!!!   I love the design and the Ivy leaves added behind the Cubs logo makes me think about good old Wrigley Field. 

 To the average fan, Gary Matthews probably doesn’t rank too high on their list of the greatest Cubs to play the game.  But to the loyal fans cheering for the team on the ‘North Side’, Matthews starred on our team for 3 1/2 seasons between 1984-87.  His best season as a Cubbie was in 1984 when he finished 5th for the league MVP award as he hit .291/14/82.

When I saw this card on Ebay for just $1.00, I scooped it up with nobody else making a bid.  I am very excited to add this card to my collection!!

Dale Murphy 1985 Topps

Dale Murphy 1985 Topps

To honor Murphy’s retirement, I thought it would be fitting to show off a new card in my collection that honors him.

This is the base card of Murphy from the 1985 Topps set.

While not exceptional, the card does look pretty good.  The color scheme works very well with the Braves’ uniform.  And the centering of Murphy in this shot has been nicely done.

A great addition for my Dale Murphy collection!!

1993 Headline: Dale Murphy Retires!!

1993 Headline:  Dale Murphy Retires!!

On this day in 1993, 2-time MVP Dale Murphy retired from the sport of professional baseball.

One of my favorite players as a kid, Murphy’s retirement in 1993 was the start of seeing some of my idols leave the sport of baseball.

My memories of watching Dale Murphy play are endless.  Being a fan of the sport, and having no ‘home’ team to cheer for in Florida during my childhood, I drifted to the teams I was able to watch on television.  WTBS, WGN, and WOR game me my baseball fix.  And of the guys that I drifted towards – Murphy was prominent.

His skills as a player were endless.  Whether it was delivering home runs or making incredible plays in the outfield, Dale Murphy was one of the best players in the game for more than a decade – and I enjoyed watching all of it!!

Happy Birthday Mr. Murphy!!

Happy Birthday Frank Thomas!!!

‘The Big Hurt’ turns 42 years old today.

I have to say that of all of the players in the 40-ish age group that are no longer active, I think that Frank Thomas still could be a great contributor in the majors today.  Thomas was a rare player and his offensive abilities were limitless.  Had it not been for injuries that effected his daily performance and eventually prematurely ended his career, Thomas would certainly have gone down as one of the greatest ‘Big Men’ in the sport.

His resume is impressive – a 2-time MVP, 521 home runs, .301 lifetime batting average, 1,704 RBI, 2,468 career hits.

Next up for ‘The Big Hurt’?  Cooperstown!!!

Happy Birthday Mr. Thomas!!