Andre Dawson Autographed Baseball ‘Triple Crown’

Andre Dawson Autographed Baseball ‘Triple Crown’

A few days ago I showed off my latest addition to my signed baseball collection, my Andre Dawson ’77 NL ROY’ ball.  If you missed that post, you can re-visit it here.

At home, I keep all of my signed baseballs neatly stacked and organized in their square cubes.  The ‘wall of balls’ that I am building is impressive, and this new addition to my collection has really made me happy.

I try to keep them organized, but since new additions come along in sporadic bursts that task is getting tougher and tougher.

But I do keep my Dawson balls as the primary focus.

And now I can proudly show off what I have dubbed as my ‘Andre Dawson Triple Crown’.

The three major accomplishments of Andre’s big league career:

3 outstanding achievements from Andre’s career that I have now proudly on display as the centerpiece of my autographed baseball collection!!!

I believe that this 3-ball set is my new pride and joy!!!

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