TTM Success: Mark Grace!!!

In the last round of autograph attempts that I put in the mail I threw another envelope full of baseball cards to Mark Grace.

He has signed for me countless other times since I got back into collecting baseball cards and autographs, so I figured why not.

And now just 30 days later, my return envelope has arrived and once again Mark ‘Amazin’ Grace had delivered some great looking autographs for this loyal fan.

Check them out:

I told you that they looked great! 

This time I sent a horizontal card to Gracey.  I wanted to see how he would sign it, and personally of the cards that I have of him, this one from the 2000 Topps set showing him sliding into home plate is one of my favorites.

Mr. Grace – Thanks for the great memories.  And thanks again for the awesome autographs!!!

One response to “TTM Success: Mark Grace!!!

  1. Another guy who doesnt min signing!

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