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Orel Hershiser 1988 Fleer

Orel Hershiser 1988 Fleer

The 1988 Fleer set is not one that I would classify as a ‘fav’ here at ’30-YOC’.  In fact, if I had to rank the base set releases from the four major brands that were producing cards in 1988, I would rank the Fleer set as #3 behind both Topps and Score, but ahead of Donruss.

But, every once in a while I am able to find that diamond in the rough.  And I believe that I have with this card of Orel Hershiser:

From all aspects of design, this card is a winner!!

I am proud to own it and add it to my Orel Hershiser player collection!!!!

1989 Headline: Slugger Schmidt Retiring From Baseball

20 years ago today, Mike Schmidt retired from the game of baseball. 

Watching this video still gives me chills…

I remember this press conference like it was yesterday.  Even as a 13-year old kid, I understood how hard it was for a player like Mike Schmidt to leave the game of baseball.  One of the game’s biggest stars for close to 2 decades, Schmidt solidified himself as one of the greatest power hitters of all-time.

With a resume filled with elite milestones, Schmidt was able to leave the game as one its greatest players but that did not make the final decision any easier for him.

Cheers to you Mike Schmidt – A baseball hero and a class act!!! 

Happy Birthday Eric Davis!!!

Amazingly, Eric Davis turns 48 years old today!!!

Wow, I remember the hype around Eric Davis as he began his career with the Cincinnati Reds.  He was a ‘5-Tool player’ that could do it all and he was going to rescue the Reds franchise and deliver them back to baseball glory.  Davis had the speed, power, charisma, and personality to carry the franchise to the promised land!!!

After 7 remarkable seasons with the Reds that were littered with All-star appearances, Gold Glove trophies, Silver Slugger awards, and even a World Series championship, Davis was on his way to becoming one of the games biggest stars.  Talk about becoming baseball’s second ’40/40 Man’ was a daily occurrence in baseball circles.  As one of the game’s premier players, ‘Eric The Red’ was riding high.

Unfortunately, a terrible string of injuries and then an unfortunate battle with cancer stalled Davis’ ability to dominate the game.  This 1-time hero became just a regular role player.  On occasion, Davis gave us more memorable moments to add to his impressive highlight reel, but he was never able to recapture and string together seasons of success like he had in the late 1980’s when he was on top of the baseball world.

Happy Birthday Mr. Davis.  You are remembered fondly!!!

Andre Dawson Autographed Baseball ‘Triple Crown’

Andre Dawson Autographed Baseball ‘Triple Crown’

A few days ago I showed off my latest addition to my signed baseball collection, my Andre Dawson ’77 NL ROY’ ball.  If you missed that post, you can re-visit it here.

At home, I keep all of my signed baseballs neatly stacked and organized in their square cubes.  The ‘wall of balls’ that I am building is impressive, and this new addition to my collection has really made me happy.

I try to keep them organized, but since new additions come along in sporadic bursts that task is getting tougher and tougher.

But I do keep my Dawson balls as the primary focus.

And now I can proudly show off what I have dubbed as my ‘Andre Dawson Triple Crown’.

The three major accomplishments of Andre’s big league career:

3 outstanding achievements from Andre’s career that I have now proudly on display as the centerpiece of my autographed baseball collection!!!

I believe that this 3-ball set is my new pride and joy!!!

Ron Santo 1974 Topps Traded

Ron Santo 1974 Topps Traded

This was the card that from a hobby perspective marked the end of Ron Santo’s incredible 14-year career as a member of the Chicago Cubs.

And while Santo didn’t physically have to move too far to join his new team, it was not a happy time for the former All-star.  He ended up playing just 1 year with the Sox before calling an end to his playing days and retiring at just 34 years of age.

Clearly photo-shopped, it is very odd to see him wearing anything other than ‘Cubbie-Blue’ in any picture!!!

Paul Molitor 1990 Bowman

Paul Molitor 1990 Bowman

A classic picture of a classic player in a classic ballpark = Great Card!!

Molitor had another solid season in 1990.  And while his numbers may not have been Molitor-esque, they were still strong by comparison to his peers.  In 103 games, Molitor hit .285 while amassing 119 hits in 418 at-bats.  Of his 119 hits that year, he collected 27 doubles, 6 triples, and 12 home runs.  Molitor also scored 64 runs that year while driving in 48.

Did You Know…

Reggie Jackson is the only slugger to win the home run championship with three different teams.  Jackson led the AL with 32 homers in 1973 and 36 more in 1075 while playing for the Oakland A’s.  He also led the AL with 41 homers in 1980 when he was with the New York Yankees and with 39 homers in 1982 when he played for the California Angels.

**factoid courtesy of ‘Big League Trivia’

My take – Reggie Jackson – a truly rare and talented player!!!

Happy Birthday Kirk Gibson!!!

Kirk Gibson turns 53 years old today.

Images of Kirk  Gibson’s fist-pumping, leg-limping jog around the bases during Game 1 of the World Series is undoubtedly the first thing that baseball fans remember when Gibson’s name is mentioned.  That night turned Gibson from a very good everyday player into a baseball legend!!  Very few people remember that this was Gibson’s lone appearance in that ’88 title match-up.  It’s amazing how with 1 swing of the bat, Gibson etched his place in baseball history and created a moment that none of us will soon forget!!!

Few recall that just 4 years prior as a member of the Detroit Tigers Gibson won his first championship.  In that ’84 series, Gibson hit .333 in 6 games while collecting 6 hits, 2 home runs, 7 RBI, and 3 stolen bases.  Some players just have a knack for making their presence felt during the most necessary times, and Gibson is certainly that player.

Happy Birthday Mr. Gibson!!!

Andre Dawson 2010 Topps Sterling – White

Andre Dawson 2010 Topps Sterling – White

I grabbed the ‘base’ version of this card a few months ago.  You can see that card here.

And while I don’t know all of the different versions if this card that have been issued, I found the White one to be one that I would love to add to my collection.

So that is precisely what I did.

I just got this card back from a purchase on Ebay.  And I could not be happier.  Take a look:

I told you it looks great!!! 

Numbered 25/50, I feel like I have added a piece of artwork to my collection of Dawson.  This card easily ranks as one of my favorite modern-era card of my favorite Hall of Famer!!!

2006 Chicago Cubs Greats Of The Game Game-Used Bat Card – Gary Matthews, Sr.

2006 Chicago Cubs Greats Of The Game Game-Used Bat Card – Gary Matthews, Sr.

I finished the base set of this ‘Cubs’ tribute a while back.  And once done, I always thought it would be a nice challenge to go after the game-used bat and jersey cards from the same series.  I have shopped for these a few different times and that dream may be tough to conquer.  But that doesn’t mean that I cannot take baby steps towards coming close to that goal.

What a sweet looking card!!!   I love the design and the Ivy leaves added behind the Cubs logo makes me think about good old Wrigley Field. 

 To the average fan, Gary Matthews probably doesn’t rank too high on their list of the greatest Cubs to play the game.  But to the loyal fans cheering for the team on the ‘North Side’, Matthews starred on our team for 3 1/2 seasons between 1984-87.  His best season as a Cubbie was in 1984 when he finished 5th for the league MVP award as he hit .291/14/82.

When I saw this card on Ebay for just $1.00, I scooped it up with nobody else making a bid.  I am very excited to add this card to my collection!!