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Joe Morgan 2001 Upper Deck Heroes Of Baseball Game-Used Bat Card

Joe Morgan 2001 Upper Deck Heroes Of Baseball Game-Used Bat Card

This card comes from the ‘UD Heroes of Baseball’ set and features a great Black and White posed photo of my favorite Hall of Fame second baseman.  Morgan was the ignition to the great Cincinnati Reds teams of the early-to-mid 1970’s.  His all-around skills as an offensive player made him a constant headache for the opposition.

Morgan could do it all – hit, run, play defense.  A true 5-tool player.

And now I have a baseball card that features a piece of Game-Used bat from Morgan’s playing days.

Here it is:

An instant ‘hit’ for my Joe Morgan collection – YES!!!!

Reggie Jackson 1970 Topps All-Star

Reggie Jackson 1970 Topps All-Star

I love the newspaper-look that this baseball card features.  And news of Reggie Jackson making the 1969 All-star squad for the American League was certainly newsworthy.

In just his second full season in the majors, Reggie Jackson was already putting himself on par with some of the sport’s biggest stars. 

His numbers in 1969 were staggering for a 23-year old.  151 hits, .275 batting average, .410 on-base percentage, 123 runs scored, 36 doubles, 47 home runs, 13 stolen bases, and 118 RBI.

Truly an All-star, Reggie Jackson is one of the most thrilling players in baseball history.  And this card may be one of the most thrilling of Reggie that was issued during his playing days.  I’m very happy to own this one…

Andre Dawson 2005 Donruss Elite – ‘Pass The Torch’ With Miguel Cabrera

Andre Dawson 2005 Donruss Elite – ‘Pass The Torch’ With Miguel Cabrera

I enjoy when baseball card companies try to take players from previous eras and attach them to a player of today’s generation.  Sometimes the pairings work, and sometimes they do not.

For this card, Donruss matched Andre Dawson up with Miguel Cabrera.  And while the jury is ultimately still out on ‘Miggy’, it is very possible that he has better numbers than Dawson by the time he reaches retirement.  But let’s not think about that now.

Instead, let’s check out this card that was part of the 2005 Donruss ‘Pass The Torch’ set.

Numbered 444/500, the card features quite a bit of shiny-ness.  Bursting with Silver accents and a very high-gloss finish, this card needs to be held in a certain light at a specific angle to see and enjoy all of the great design elements.  I just wish that they used color photos of the players as I think that their Black and White images get a bit lost in all of the card’s design elements.

See for yourself. 

Here is the front:

And the back:

Agree?  Disagree?  Like?  Dislike?  Hot or Not??

Dale Murphy 1990 Donruss

Dale Murphy 1990 Donruss

As I continue to chug through my player collections, I have made several comments about the 1990 Donruss design.

While not a fan of this release by Donruss, the Dale Murphy card actually looks pretty good.  And although my overall opinions on the set have not changed, this card is not a ‘stinker’.

Here it is:

Besides the great photo that Donruss used of ‘Murph’, I think what I like most about the card is the bold Red of the border complimented by the Blue backstop behind Murphy separating the fans from the field.

A very nice addition to my Dale Murphy player collection – 1990 Donruss!!

‘On The Road With psugator02′ – June 3, 2010

‘On The Road With psugator02’ – June 3, 2010

Thursday, June 3
Muvico Hialeah 14
Hialeah, Fla.
7:15-10 p.m.
screening for “Lost Son of Havana”

Last night it wasn’t at all about the graphing. It was about the “Lost Son of Havana,” the 2009 documentary that chronicles Luis Tiant’s return to his homeland of Cuba after a 46-year hiatus. And you don’t have to be a baseball fan to enjoy this story. In fact, the gf decided to attend the screening with me at the last minute and she wasn’t disappointed, dabbing her eyes through most of the movie.

I’ve always been aware of Tiant’s baseball career. I knew he played for the Red Sox and the Yankees. I didn’t realize he also played for the Twins and Indians. I knew he was overpowering when he first made it to the big leagues. I had no idea that he had to completely reinvent himself as a pitcher after a major arm injury.

What was most moving, though, was the story of Tiant’s life. Would you leave your family for another country if you knew that you would never again be allowed to return home? That was Tiant’s dilemma in 1961 when he left the island of Cuba for the United States. I guess up until that year ballplayers could leave Cuba to play professionally. However, per Castro, those who chose to leave could never return.

Tiant was emotional throughout most of the documentary, as was the packed theater. I don’t want to give away anything else. I’ll just say that “Lost Son of Havana” is a movie you don’t want to miss.

Luis Tiant: 1/1 (educational pamphlet for Kassis)…and Luis did a nice job with giving me a big, bold graph in blue Sharpie.

Also: The summer road trip begins Thursday, June 10. I’m only going to list in this forum the baseball games that I’ll be attending during the first leg of the trip. I’ll be with the gf so if I want to attend these games, then I’ll have to go to just as many contra dances with her LOL

Here’s some info on contra dancing:


And here’s my tentative itinerary:

June 11: Greenville at Rome
June 12: Delmarva at Lexington
June 18-19: Durham at Louisville
June 23: New Hampshire at Harrisburg
July 9 New Hampshire at Binghamton
July 10: Lehigh Valley at Scranton

I’ll be umpiring a Little League tournament in Cooperstown from July 3-9, then will continue the road trip’s second leg. Shoot me a PM if you’d like me to 50-50 any of the above games.

If you would like to contact Mark, he can be reached at psugator02@yahoo.com.