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Several Bloggers Took ‘The Challenge’. Come see…

Several Bloggers Took ‘The Challenge’.  Come see…

Last week I issued a challenge to the baseball and baseball card blogging universe – ‘What are your top baseball memories’?  

The reaction and story-telling that has flowed since has been phenomenal.  Some bloggers chose to go with their in-person experiences.  Others went with the team-theme.  And others did a cross-section of both.  The commonality between all of the great stories that have been shared over the last seven days is that they are all personal and full of baseball emotion.

I have decided to link to everyone’s stories.  Here they are:

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John @ My Detroit Tigers Cards – http://www.mydetroittigersbaseballcards.blogspot.com

Jim @ GarveyCeyRussellLopes – http://garveyceyrusselllopes.blogspot.com/2010/06/for-30-year-cardboard-my-list-of-top-10.html

James @ Sports Locker – http://sportslocker.blogspot.com/2010/06/greatest-sporting-event-ive-watched.html

Mariner 1 @ Emerald City Diamond Gems – http://emeraldcitydiamondgems.blogspot.com/2010/06/greatest-game.html

Boronsy – http://borosny.blogspot.com/2010/06/best-games-of-each-decade.html

Ron @ Section 36 – http://section-36.blogspot.com/2010/06/blogger-challenge_06.html

Paul @ Wrigley Wax – http://wrigleywax.blogspot.com/2010/06/my-top-ten-most-memorable-games.html

John W @ Johngy’s Beat – http://johngysbeat.blogspot.com/2010/06/johngys-top-ten-baseball-moments.html

And here is mine again – https://bapple2286.wordpress.com/2010/06/06/the-top-10-baseball-memories-from-my-youth/

It’s very interesting how some of these memories overlap between all of us.  What Jim was able to see live, I witnessed on television.  What was Jame’s greatest thrill so far in baseball was what taught me about heartbreak.  It’s amazing that one event can strike such opposite emotions in us, huh??

Thanks to everyone that participated and shared their baseball memories with us.  This was quite a bit of fun, and I may try something like this again soon!!!

Don’t Count Out Chris Coghlan Just Yet…

Don’t Count Out Chris Coghlan Just Yet…

Down here in Marlins’ country, the name most mentioned when discussing the team and its future is that of a guy stuck in the team’s minor league trenches – Mike Stanton!

And while conversation continues to swirl about who the Marlins will demote to make room for the phenom that is tearing up the minor leagues, amazingly the 2009 ROY Coghlan was mentioned numerous times.  Mired in a season-long slump, Coghlan continued to get playing time while his batting average stayed around the .200-mark.

And then, about 6-7 days ago, something happened.  And while I cannot put a finger on it, Chris Coghlan has been HOT ever since…

Over the course of the last 6 games, Chris Coghlan has been hitting everything in sight.  On a hot streak, he has gone 14-for-23 while also raising is overall batting average 32 points in the process.  And he’s not just slapping singles either.  Of his 14 hits, he has 4 doubles, a triple, and a home run too.  He has also scored 6 runs during this stretch helping the Marlins go 3-3 during that time.

Keep it up Chris!  We need you to be the ignition for the team’s offense!!!

Jim Palmer 1976 Topps

Jim Palmer 1976 Topps

Just look at how far back Jim Palmer reached during his wind-up!  No wonder he was able to baffle hitters for 19 big league seasons.

Let’s take a deeper look at his 1976 season:

Palmer won his third and final Cy Young Award in 1976.  On an incredible 4-year run(winning the Cy 3 times), Palmer was the pitching king in the American League.  In ’76 he made 40 starts while winning 22 and losing 13.  In those 40 contests, he threw 23 complete games including 6 shutouts.  In total, Palmer pitched 315 innings during that campaign.  He gave up just 255 hits in that span while allowing only 106 runs – good for a 2.51 ERA.  ‘Cakes’ also struck out 159 batters while walking 84.

A great card commemorating a great season – 1976!!

Did You Know…

Pitching legend Nolan Ryan hit just two home runs in 852 at-bats in his career, but he made them both count – each was a three-run homer.  Ryan’s first was a fourth-inning blast at the Astrodome against Hall of Fame pitcher Don Sutton on April 12, 1980, in a game that the Astros would eventually lose 6-5 in 17 innings.  His second long ball came off Charlie Puleo in the seventh inning of a 12-3 rout of the Braves in Atlanta on May 1, 1987.

**factoid courtesy of ‘Big League Trivia’

My Take – Ryan is the kind of guy that you just know if he were a position player, he would have had his share of homers…

1981 Topps ‘Record Breakers’ – Card #207 – Ozzie Smith

1981 Topps ‘Record Breakers’ – Card #207 – Ozzie Smith

Headline – “Smith Sets New Assist Mark For Shortstops’

San Diego, California, October 5, 1980.  Padres’ fielding whiz Ozzie Smith has entered his name in the record books in 1980.  The ‘Wizard of Oz’ was credited with 621 assists at shortstop last season establishing a new all-time record in that department.  The former mark of 601 assists in a season by a shortstop was set by Glenn Wright of the Pirates in 1924.

My take – The ‘Wizard’ made kids pay attention to playing defense.  Tons of us wanted to play shortstop because of how cool he made it!!!