Don’t Count Out Chris Coghlan Just Yet…

Don’t Count Out Chris Coghlan Just Yet…

Down here in Marlins’ country, the name most mentioned when discussing the team and its future is that of a guy stuck in the team’s minor league trenches – Mike Stanton!

And while conversation continues to swirl about who the Marlins will demote to make room for the phenom that is tearing up the minor leagues, amazingly the 2009 ROY Coghlan was mentioned numerous times.  Mired in a season-long slump, Coghlan continued to get playing time while his batting average stayed around the .200-mark.

And then, about 6-7 days ago, something happened.  And while I cannot put a finger on it, Chris Coghlan has been HOT ever since…

Over the course of the last 6 games, Chris Coghlan has been hitting everything in sight.  On a hot streak, he has gone 14-for-23 while also raising is overall batting average 32 points in the process.  And he’s not just slapping singles either.  Of his 14 hits, he has 4 doubles, a triple, and a home run too.  He has also scored 6 runs during this stretch helping the Marlins go 3-3 during that time.

Keep it up Chris!  We need you to be the ignition for the team’s offense!!!

One response to “Don’t Count Out Chris Coghlan Just Yet…

  1. I saw Stanton on Opening Day here in Jacksonville, and he was awesome, hitting two HR’s.
    Nothing is for sure, but this kid was terrorizing Southern League pitching…21 HR’s with 14 games left in the SL 1st half…I think Marlin’s fans will be pleased with Stanton.

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