Several Bloggers Took ‘The Challenge’. Come see…

Several Bloggers Took ‘The Challenge’.  Come see…

Last week I issued a challenge to the baseball and baseball card blogging universe – ‘What are your top baseball memories’?  

The reaction and story-telling that has flowed since has been phenomenal.  Some bloggers chose to go with their in-person experiences.  Others went with the team-theme.  And others did a cross-section of both.  The commonality between all of the great stories that have been shared over the last seven days is that they are all personal and full of baseball emotion.

I have decided to link to everyone’s stories.  Here they are:

Steve @ White Sox Cards –

UnlceMoe @ Topps 08 Set –

John @ My Detroit Tigers Cards –

Jim @ GarveyCeyRussellLopes –

James @ Sports Locker –

Mariner 1 @ Emerald City Diamond Gems –

Boronsy –

Ron @ Section 36 –

Paul @ Wrigley Wax –

John W @ Johngy’s Beat –

And here is mine again –

It’s very interesting how some of these memories overlap between all of us.  What Jim was able to see live, I witnessed on television.  What was Jame’s greatest thrill so far in baseball was what taught me about heartbreak.  It’s amazing that one event can strike such opposite emotions in us, huh??

Thanks to everyone that participated and shared their baseball memories with us.  This was quite a bit of fun, and I may try something like this again soon!!!

2 responses to “Several Bloggers Took ‘The Challenge’. Come see…

  1. Baseball memories are like no other. When I was playing baseball on the sandlots of Portage, Michigan, I had the greatest time. I think it’s sad that kids today don’t seem to get the opportunities that I had, as less, and less young kids are playing baseball, playing those silly video games instead.

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