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If I Collected Players From Today’s Era, I Would Collect…

If I Collected Players From Today’s Era, I Would Collect…

Yes, even I get the urge to veer from my comfort-zone every once in a while.  Lucky for me though, vintage baseball cards continue to be my passion within the hobby.

I often get asked who/what I collect.  And sometimes, more often than I would expect, I get blank stares in return.  Knowing that some collectors of this current generation have never heard of Fergie Jenkins or Jim Palmer or Billy Williams is very frightening to me.  But, what can I do about it?  I guess I can just continue to honor my favorites players from generations past by collecting their cards and showcasing them on this blog…  Heck, that is the primary reason that I got back into collecting baseball cards as well as creating ’30-Year Old Cardboard’.

But if I collected players of today, these are the guys that would be the ones I would focus on:

Evan Longoria – I get to watch a lot of Rays games courtesy of my local cable company.  If he were in a bigger market, he would be a national stud!

Roy Halladay – I have made my affinity for ‘Doc’ very clear on this site.  And even though he plays for the division rivals, I will let it pass….

Dan Uggla – I never had a “home” team when I was a kid.  Uggla seems like the perfect guy to cheer for – and I do that very often!

Ryan Braun – He will be an MVP.  Probably more than once.  And his ties to Miami do not hurt either….

Josh Johnson – A very hard worker who dominates almost every time he takes to the mound.  And those home runs he hits just add fuel to the fire!

Derek Jeter – It is very tough to not admire Jeter from afar.  While not a Yankee fan or hater, I have certainly enjoyed watching him add to their legacy as the sport’s most successful franchise.

Tim Lincecum – Every single time I see this guy, all I think about is Jim Palmer.  And that is not a bad thing…

Albert Pujols – No explanation needed.  By the time his career is over, he will rank in the Top 5 greatest offensive players of all-time. 

And there you have it.

And yes, there are moe players that I enjoy watching like Chase Utley and A-Rod and Ichiro and Manny Ramirez and …..

Maybe I’ll grab a few cards of these guys over time, maybe not.  But most of the players on my list above remind me of old-school baseball.  There is something about each and every one of these guys that takes me back to the generations prior, to my childhood.  And that is probably what I enjoy most about this sport and this hobby!!!


2000 Fleer – “Club 3,000″ – Cal Ripken, Jr.

2000 Fleer – “Club 3,000″ – Cal Ripken, Jr.

Date of entry into “Club 3,000” – April 15, 2000

The Story – Just 11 games into the start of the 2000 baseball season, Cal Ripken took center-stage when his Orioles traveled to Minnesota to take on the Twins.  During the game, Ripken collected the 3,000th hit in his amazing career.  On the night, Cal was 3-for-5, with three singles.  Something tells me that the 18,000+ fans that attended the game are still hanging onto those ticket stubs!!

Baseball History – By the end of his career, Ripken amassed 3,184 hits.  Currently sitting in 14th place on the all-time list, Ripken is not often regarded as one of his generation’s greatest hitters, but his numbers would argue that point strongly!!

Taking Another Shot With Duke Snider…

Taking Another Shot With Duke Snider…

I get emails all of the time from the readers of ’30-YOC’.  And several of them have great stories to share about the players that I collect or about obtaining autographs in the same fashion that I do.

Just a few days ago, I got an email from reader Quentin who just got a Duke Snider baseball returned to him in the mail.  I have failed with Duke in the past(my package was refused), but after hearing about Quentin’s success, I am eager to give it another shot.

I dropped this off on the way to work today.

Wish me luck!!

Thanks again Q!!!

Tim Raines 1989 Donruss

Tim Raines 1989 Donruss

For some reason, that old Expos logo just looks great – on cards and uniforms…

Tim Raines had a solid season in 1989.  While the team around him struggled to find its identity after having a nice amount of success in the early 1980’s, their teams of the late 80’s were littered with rookies and young players – except for the veteran Raines.  Still, his numbers were solid.  Raines hit .286 on the year, as he collected 148 hits.  And he was still a threat on the bases largely in part to his .395 on-base percentage that aided in him scoring 76 runs and stealing 41 bases. 

Tim Raines finished in 17th place for the National League MVP voting in 1989.

It’s really a shame that the Nationals have severed all ties to the team that they have replaced.  My generation is the last one that will be able to recall that great uniform!!!

Did You Know…

Only three players have swiped a base in four different decades.  Two are speedsters Rickey Henderson(1,406 career steals) and Tim Raines(808 career steals).  The third player is Ted Williams – who stole just 23 bases during his 19-year career.  Williams swiped 2 bags as a rookie in 1939, 14 in the 1940’s, seven in the 1950’s and one in 1960.

*factoid courtesy of ‘Big League Trivia’

My take – Never in a million years would I have selected Ted Williams as the #3 guy with this one…