TTM Success: Hall of Famer, Mr. Rollie Fingers!!!

TTM Success: Hall of Famer, Mr. Rollie Fingers!!!

Hey now, check this one out!!!

It took Mr. Rollie Fingers just 14 days to return this beautifully signed baseball back to me.  A great signer with an awesome looking signature, Fingers works quickly when it comes to the TTM game.  I live in Florida and he lives in Las Vegas – so the fact that I got this ball back in exactly 2 weeks time is pretty solid work on his part.

Fingers had a magnificent career.  A Hall of Famer with 17 years experience in the big leagues, Fingers established himself as one of the sport’s premier relief pitchers back during the mid 1970’s.  His ability to close games and keep other teams from rallying in the late innings of ballgames became a very necessary role for a team that wanted to win.  And win he did…  Along with his 314 career saves, Rollie Fingers won the American League Cy Young Award and MVP Award in 1981 as a member of the Milwaukee Brewers.  And prior to that he helped the Oakland A’s with three straight World Series championships in 1972, 1973, and 1974!!

A great competitor, and a true baseball icon.

Thank you for the great autographs Mr. Fingers!!!

And I love that HOF ’92 inscription – YES!!!

4 responses to “TTM Success: Hall of Famer, Mr. Rollie Fingers!!!

  1. Is he still charing 10 bucks a sig or more now? Or did you actually get that gratis?

  2. Nice success!! I was able to get him back in march for 10.00.

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