My 2000 Fleer ‘Club 3,000′ Set Is Complete!!!

My 2000 Fleer ‘Club 3,000′ Set Is Complete!!!

It took quite some time, but this 14-card doozie is now complete.

When I decided to collect this set, I found it to be a fun challenge.  And along the way, I was able to learn about the 14 guys that this set of cards honors.  It was fun to read and report about their quest to earn 3,000 hits or 3,000 strikeouts.

And yet, while not wanting to take anything away from these 14 guys, I feel a little empty as I look at these cards laid out before me.  You see, there are so many deserving players that were omitted from this set that I would love to have seen included.  How about Hank Aaron and Willie Mays and Fergie Jenkins and Tom Seaver???

Nonetheless, this set was very fun to collect, and I love the design of these cards.  Because of the cards’ design, you know exactly what you’re looking at and there is a sense of baseball greatness and history within.

Here is the finished set:


5 responses to “My 2000 Fleer ‘Club 3,000′ Set Is Complete!!!

  1. congratulations… doesn’t it feel great to complete a set? so the next project going to be?

  2. Congratulations! I’ve never had the patience to complete a quest like this.

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