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Wade Boggs, Hall of Fame – Class of 2005.

Wade Boggs, Hall of Fame – Class of 2005.

A truly appropriate tag to add to his name, Boggs displayed Hall of Fame elements in his approach to the game from his debut until the day he retired.

A joy to watch at the plate from his very first game, Boggs is one of the best hitters for average that the sport has ever seen.  And his ability to dedicate himself to his defense was remarkable to watch.

A true professional, with a solid work ethic, Boggs epitomized what a real ‘player’ was all about during the 1980’s.  A hard worker that constantly tried to remain on top, very few players that the consistently solid career that Wade Boggs had.

And for that reason, and that reason alone, he was a first-ballot inductee into the National Baseball Hall of Fame.

Happy Birthday Mr. Boggs!!!

Wade Boggs And His 1996 World Series Championship…

Wade Boggs And His 1996 World Series Championship…

While it happened some time ago, my first memory of Biggs playing in the World Series came in 1986 when I saw him weeping after his Red Sox teammates lost to the New York Mets in 1986.

And a decade later, although he was playing for the Yankees, I was thrilled to see hom finally win a championship at the end of the 1996 World Series.  In that match-up, and at the age of 38, Boggs showed that he was still a key contributor for an offense that was championship bound.  In 4 games, he went 3-for-11 as his Yankees team swept the Atlanta Braves.

And judging by the sheer joy on Boggs’ face, this was the highlight of his amazing career!!!

Wade Boggs And “The 3,000 Hits Club”

Wade Boggs And “The 3,000 Hits Club”

Date of entry into “Club 3,000” – August 7, 1999

The Story – At home(literally as Boggs is from the Tampa area) and in front of almost 40,000 fans, Wade Boggs entered the game with 2,999 career hits.  Taking on the Cleveland Indians, Boggs went 3-for-4 collecting 4 RBI and scoring 2 runs on the day.  Hit #3,000 was a home run off of Chris Haney that landed deep in the right field seats.  The Rays lost the game 15-10 that day, but for the capacity crowd that was on hand, they got to witness baseball history.

Baseball History – Boggs is the only player in major league baseball history to hit a home run as the 3,000th hit of his career.  He retired at the end of that season with 3,010 total hits.  He currently ranks in 25th place on the all-time hits list.

Wade Boggs Owns 5 Batting Titles

Wade Boggs Owns 5 Batting Titles

In baseball, it is very easy to let the numbers do the talking.  And when it comes to stats, it’s very easy to do just that.

At his best, Wade Boggs was one of the greatest hitters that the sport had during the 1980’s. 

And the numbers speak for themselves:

1983 0.361
1985 0.368
1986 0.357
1987 0.363
1988 0.366

I told you he was impressive!!!!

Wade Boggs Has 8 Silver Slugger Trophies

Wade Boggs Has 8 Silver Slugger Trophies

I love the Silver bat, it may be my favorite trophy in all of baseball(behind the World Series tropy, of course).

Boggs won the award 8 times in a 12-year span honoring him as the American League’s supreme hitter at third base.  And who could possibly argue with the numbers??

A career .328 hitter with 15 .300 hitting seasons under his belt, Boggs will go down as one of the greatest contact hitter to ever had played the game!!

Wade Boggs Won 2 Gold Glove Awards!!

Wade Boggs Won 2 Gold Glove Awards!!

I get no better joy than watching a player become better right before my eyes.  To see a power hitter become a skill hitter is fun to watch.  To see a pitcher with poor control start to dominate hitters with his finer pitching is what I love to witness.

And to see Wade Boggs become an excellent defender fits into that category too.  While Boggs was in no way considered a poor defender when he debuted with the Red Sox in 1982, he was far from superior in the fielding realm.  And to watch him get better each and every year tought me that even the pros have to work to get better.  I lot can be said about that, and this is one of the reasons that Wade Boggs is one of my favorite players from my youth. 

In 1996 and 1997, Boggs’ 13th and 14th year in the majors, Boggs won the Gold Glove award acknowledging his excellence at defending third base.

The hits landmarks and milestones that Boggs eclipsed are what baseball legends are made of.  The fielding accolades that he accomplished are what heroes are made of!!!

Wade Boggs Reached The 200-Hits Plateau 7 Times!!!

Wade Boggs Reached The 200-Hits Plateau 7 Times!!!

It could very easily be argued that Wade Boggs was the best hitter during the 1980’s.  And one of the biggest factors in this equation would be the way he piled up hits from his debut until the end of his playing days.

In fact, Boggs reached the baseball milestone of 200 hits 7 times.  7 straight times in fact!!!

200 is a magical number.  Kind of like 40 home runs, 20 wins, and 200 K’s.  200 hits = consistent execution and patience.  And I cannot think of a hitter who better displayed that talent on a routine basis better than #26.

Wade Boggs Is A 12-Time All-Star

Wade Boggs Is A 12-Time All-Star

When I say 12-time, I should correct myself.  You see, Wade Boggs was an All-star 12 straight seasons.  From 1985-1996 Boggs was selected as an All-star for the American League.  One of the game’s best hitters, Boggs and his incredible bat were celebrated for the better part of 2 decades – and deservedly so!

For the 12 years that Boggs was selected as an All-star, 8 of the years were during his time with Boston, and the following 4 years were during his playing days in New York.

My Favorite Wade Boggs Rookie Card Is…

My Favorite Wade Boggs Rookie Card Is…

1983 Topps!!!

I love the design of  the 1983 Topps set as a whole, and of the three cards that are counted as Boggs’ rookies cards, this one clearly stands heads and shoulders above the other 2 issues.  Brimming with Boston Red Sox-themed color, this card is a classic!!

On a side note, I think I am going to make ‘my favorite __ rookie card is’ an ongoing part of my tributes to my favorite players on their birthdays…

Happy Birthday Wade Boggs!!!

Wade Boggs turns 52 years old today!! 

As a kid growing up in South Florida I had no ‘home’ team to cheer for.  So I adopted several players, one of them being Wade Boggs.  I was a third baseman and I batted third for a few years during my Little League career.  Choosing Boggs as someone to emulate was an easy choice as he was one of the greatest hitters of the 1980’s.

Boggs’ career has been punctuated by achieving several baseball milestones – All-star appearances, Silver slugger awards, batting championships, Gold Gloves, a World Series title, 3,010 career hits, a lifetime .328 hitting average.  Wade Boggs has done it all, and most of the time he did it the best!!!

When a favorite player from my youth celebrates his birthday, I like to dedicate a day’s worth of posts to him.  So today, you will find a bunch of Wade Boggs related stuff at ’30-YOC’.

Happy Birthday Mr. Boggs!!!