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TTM Success: Rich ‘Goose’ Gossage!!!

TTM Success: Rich ‘Goose’ Gossage!!!

16 days was all that it took for Goose Gossage to return this beautifully signed baseball to me.  A member of the 2008 Hall of Fame class, Goose obliged my request and gave me an awesome inscription on the ball as well.

When I think about Gossage, I have a hard time recalling my first memory of him.  Most likely from his days with the Yankees or Padres, I do recall his baseball cards standing out to me.  Probably due to his wild facial hair…

Gossage had a terrific career.  Another versatile pitcher, Goose spent time as both a starter and a closer during his 22-year, 9-team career.  Owner of a 124-107 record along with 310 career saves, Goose was one of very few that was able to transition roles while never losing his effectiveness in a ballgame.

Thank you for the great autograph Mr. Gossage!!! 

Andre Dawson 1989 Sports Illustrated For Kids

Andre Dawson 1989 Sports Illustrated For Kids

This ‘oddball’ was issued as part of a 9-card sheet that was inserted into the magazine Sports Illustrated for Kids.  A publication that was wildly popular during the late 1980’s because its content was geared towards young readers, if a player’s likeness was featured in this magazine it meant that he had ‘made it’!

The magazine was not sport specific, so the appeal was vast.  And when you think about all of the sports and athletes that this magazine covered, issuing a 9-card page in each issue created quite an elite list of players that SI decided to honor.

And I am thrilled and honored as well to finally have this card in my collection!!!

Congratulations ‘Hawk’, you’ve made it!

1984 Topps Atlanta Braves Team Leaders w/Dale Murphy

1984 Topps Atlanta Braves Team Leaders w/Dale Murphy

During the early-to-mid 1980’s, Dale Murphy was the driving force behind the Atlanta Braves offense.  And while the team hung out in the lower part of the standings season after season, I often wondered how much worse they would have been if ‘Murph’ wasn’t putting up the solid numbers that he was.

This card comes from the 1984 Topps base set.  The card celebrates the leaders in offense and pitching on the Braves roster during the 1983 baseball season.  For Murphy, he had a solid year that culminated in him winning his second straight MVP award.  For Craig McMurtry, he sported a low 3.08 ERA while also going 15-9 and tossing 6 complete games and 3 shutouts.

Anytime I can add an achievement-type card to a player collection that I am building I get a few moments to reminisce about that player.  And in 1983, it was hard to find a better player than Dale Murphy!!!

Happy Belated Birthday Billy Williams!!

Billy Williams celebrates his 72nd birthday today!!!

I apologize for missing the big day yesterday.  I was so wrapped up in celebrating Wade Boggs’ birthday that I absent-mindedly forgot it was his birthday as well.  I am very sorry – he deserves much better than this…

One of the most beloved Chicago Cubs of all-time, Williams was a fan favorite from his debut back in 1959 and is still a face of the franchise 50 years later.  His charisma, talent, and devotion to the game and city of Chicago have kept Williams in the public eye more than 30 years after his retirement.

On a personal note, Billy Williams is a large reason as to why this blog exists.  When his autobiography came out last summer I knew I wanted a copy.  That book triggered a domino effect that is still moving today.  The book re-kindled my passion for baseball cards which led me to Fergie and Andre and Rickey and Dave.  And all of that led me to ’30-Year Old Cardboard’.

Thank you Mr. Williams.  I never got to see you play in person.  I have met you one time.  Yet you have impacted my life more than you will ever know.

Happy Birthday Billy Williams!!!